Sabbath Message 20/2/41/120

Dear Friends,

We have recorded Surah 70 and it will be loaded to the web in the next few days.  We will record 71, 72 and 73 and load them to the web at the beginning of next week, God willing. One of our ministers is loading the Commentaries on the Surahs to Twitter in addition to the ministry working on Facebook.

We will conclude the last thirty Surahs very soon and then we will begin explaining the Koran by its issue as a Chronology so that we can understand how the church was educated and the Mission began to grow in Mecca.  The explanation of the replacement of the Demons and the keeping of the Passover is all given in the Koran but the elect are the only ones who can actually understand the Koran. If one does not understand the Lord’s Supper and the Night of Watching as the Passover meal one has no hope of understanding Surah 73 for instance and if you do not understand what Christ was doing with the 70 in Luke 10:1,17 you have no hope of understanding Surah 72 “The Jinn” and the two preceding it and why they are there at all and what their numbers mean in the revelation of the Koran. Hopefully when they are loaded to the web all will be much clearer.

The WCG under Armstrong could never hope to reach Islam and that was why it had to be destroyed and its influence removed. A number of their ministry tried to convince us the Koran was not inspired and had no basis in the faith. It appears they had no understanding of what it says or advances. It is a fact that they are not known or recorded to have baptised one Muslim from the Middle East or North Africa or Asia in all the years of their existence. God will call Hadithic and Shia Islam to repentance over the next cycle or they will be dealt with by the elect under Messiah and the prophets. That is one of the tasks levelled at CCG.

It is only two weeks to the Feast of Weeks and Pentecost and we hope to accomplish the initial phase of the Commentary by then and do the Chronology and the Summary and the Indexes for issue shortly thereafter.  It has been a pretty intensive job for the secretaries and translators and will take them a while to complete in all aspects. Our thanks go out to all involved. They worked hard and we are very grateful.

Please pray for us all to reach Islam and pray that we are able to stop the nations from murdering the unborn and the newly born (cf. Abortion and Infanticide: Law and the Sixth Commandment Part II (No. 259B)).

We are about to get back on track with the Commentary from Surahs 45 and 46 onwards.  Also study for Pentecost and the functions of the Holy Spirit in papers Holy Spirit (No. 117) and Fruit of the Holy Spirit (No. 146)).

Pray for the workers to be sent and the funds provided to us as the fields are white and ready to be harvested and the labourers are few.  No Binitarian, Trinitarian or Ditheist (No. 076B) can reach over a billion and a half people due to their simple heresy introduced by the heretics penetrating the Churches of God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General