Sabbath Message 18/11/40/120

Dear Friends,

Many humans have a desire to survive and live after death.  Most of us believe that God has given us a set of instructions that will enable us to survive on after death.   Most of us do not even know what the doctrines of our particular faith are.  For example most people who say they are Christians today think that when they die they go to heaven.  Most do not even understand that the doctrines of the major faiths do not teach that error. All the major Protestant declarations of the faith at the Reformation taught for example that they proclaimed the Resurrection of the Dead and the Judgement of God. They taught the moral structure of the Law of God and that there was a Distinction in the Law (No. 096).  They taught that only the sacrificial law was eliminated in the Death and Resurrection of Christ. The moral law of the Ten Commandments was not removed.  Had you claimed that the Law was done away you would not have been allowed within their communions.

The modern Christians claim that Salvation is by grace and that they have to do nothing except proclaim Christ as Lord and they do not and are not required to do anything. These errors are guaranteed to ensure they will not make the First Resurrection and will instead be consigned to the Second Resurrection where they will have to qualify in order to avoid the Second Death and the Lake of Fire.  The issue is explained in the paper The Relationship between Salvation by Grace and the Law (No. 082).

Most people alive today do not understand the Nature of God and its application in the law. They do not understand the concept of Love and the Structure of the Law (No. 200)

The reality is that God sent His prophets and then the Messiah and the elders and prophets of the church. Satan destroyed the church using Baal worshippers and then when the church was sent to the Arabs, Satan, using the Jews and idolaters, destroyed their understanding and used the same Baal worshippers to destroy the relationship between the church and the Scriptures and the Koran and their understanding was destroyed also.  See also the Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q1) and also the various commentaries.  Most do not understand that the Muhammad was a Council of the Church of God and was a Biblical Unitarian structure as is the Koran. The church at Mecca was persecuted by the Baal worshippers at Becca and had to flee to the sister churches in Abyssinia in 613 CE in the First Hijrah or flight of the persecution.  They were given their earliest doctrines to seek asylum among the Sabbatarian Unitarian Churches in Abyssinia (see the paper Commentary on the Koran: Surah 19 Maryam (Q019)).

It was the church in Abyssinia that in fact took the Christian Faith to China under Archbishop Meuses in the Fourth Century CE (see the paper General Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches (No. 122)).

God is not losing the battle.  He chose those whom He knew would be able to survive and not be lost to erroneous doctrines and the lusts of the flesh. These were all predestined from the foundation of the world (see the paper Predestination (No. 296)).  Most of the world in these Last Days are simply not fit for the Kingdom of God, even those who are in the two sectors of the Churches of God in the Last Days are declared dead and spewed out of the mouth of God.  These failures are explained in the paper Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283). The sequences of the eras are examined also in the paper Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170).

The requirements to be part of the Kingdom of God in the First Resurrection are to repent, and to be saved one must be baptised as a repentant adult by an authorised Sabbath-keeping minister of the Sabbatarian faith.  The church must be a Unitarian Sabbatarian Church of God that keeps God’s Calendar (No. 156) without postponements according to the Temple System.  
The Hillel Calendar of Modern Judaism postpones the Holy Days according to Oral Traditions of the Egyptians and according to the Babylonian Intercalations. The idolaters of Mecca simply and wilfully did away with the intercalations entirely to cut loose the feasts and so lost the feasts. They simply turned the preparation period of the Juma’ah into a Friday afternoon prayer service and did away with the Sabbaths of God and went to work and made it impossible for Islam as the Church of God in the Middle East to be saved. The pseudo-Christians of the Sun and Mystery cults moved the Sabbath to the day of the Sun and killed all of the faithful who refused to go along with them (see the paper The Jumaah : Preparing for the Sabbath  (No. 285))

So they have killed us who would obey God and all the while denied access to the Kingdom of God to those who sought to enter and failed themselves to enter.  They have lied to the whole world.  In the Twentieth Century they even adopted Hillel under Armstrong and did not enter themselves and denied entry through lies to the people who really sought to obey God.

So there is no doubt to the people seeking the First Resurrection this is the bottom line.

  1.  Repent and be baptised
  2. Have hands laid on for receipt of the Holy Spirit
  3. Keep the weekly Sabbath and daily prayer.
  4. Keep the Sabbath of the New Moon and do not trade (Amos 8:5)
  5. Keep the Lord’s Supper on the night of 14 Abib according to the Temple Calendar, participating in the bread and wine and footwashing.
  6. Keep the Passover on the night beginning 15 Abib and keep the full seven days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. (Penalty for failure is to be cut off (Ex 12:15, 19) and all the Armstrong systems have failed to do this since 1965 and before then kept it only by accident due to Hillel).
  7. Keep the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost on the 50th day which is the First day of the week following the 49th day Sabbath which commences the Feast.
  8. Keep Trumpets on 1 Tishri,
  9. Atonement on (10 Tishri),
  10. Keep the Feast of Tabernacles from 15 to 21 Tishri with Holy Days on 15 and 22 of the Seventh Month.
  11. Tithe as per God’s Laws as a sign of Repentance and return to God.
  12. Give three feast offerings a year at Passover, the Feast of Weeks and at Tabernacles.

Do these things and you shall be saved. Keep Hillel and fail to obey God and follow the Hadith and you will die. Teach men to disobey the Laws of God and you will be killed at the return of the Messiah.

Those alive at the return of the Messiah will repent, or the elect under Messiah, Qasim and the Muhammads of the Middle East will remove all of you.

There is no negotiation. You have less than seven years to repent.  The ministry of the Churches of God have only half that time because they are already under judgment. Prepare for the Passover and turn and be saved.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General