Sabbath 16/12/40/120

Dear Friends.

In 2018 Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of its declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel as Independence Day. This declaration took place on 14 May 1948 on the Gregorian calendar, eight hours before the end the British Mandate of Palestine on 15 May.

Israel uses the Hillel calendar for the observance of its holidays and determined the corresponding date for 14 May as 5 Iyar. However, in 1948 the Hillel calendar was one month plus one day later than God’s Calendar with regard to the beginning of the year on 1 Nisan/Abib. Therefore the corresponding correct date for 14 May was 6 Sivan. (See the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)).

In 2018 Israel will celebrate Independence Day on April 19, because 5 Iyar falls on 20 April, which is the day before the Sabbath. This observance should correctly be held on 6 Sivan, which falls on Pentecost this year according to God’s Calendar.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is expected for the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on 14 May.

The rabbinical Jews turn God’s Calendar into a joke as do the offshoots of the WCG and those that keep Hillel among the Churches of God.

Also misinformation is being fed into the US system regarding Iran and its activities.  Moreover the coming hostilities may well escalate into an Iran-Israeli conflict as well as a Korea/China/Russia conflict with the NATO and other US alliances.

We will soon see these conflicts develop and we will bear the brunt of it.

There is a spirit of madness coming over our political systems and one must bear in mind that before God destroys a people He first sends them mad (Deut. 28:34).  So is it with us in these last days.

There is very little that is sane or rational with the world’s political systems.  We are going insane with our sin and we will destroy ourselves soon. We will enter the final conflicts soon (see Wars of the Last days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)).

Prepare for this Passover and get ready for the Witnesses, hopefully for the next Passover.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General