Sabbath 16/05/41/120

Dear Friends,

Last Thursday/Friday was the 14th/15th  of Ab which was the Full Moon of Ab.  Traditionally the disasters of Israel and Judah occur on the Month of Ab leading up to the Full Moon.  God deals with the nation and the Church over that period, often if they have sinned or engaged in corrupt conduct.

The Temple was destroyed over the period of 9th and 10th of Ab and this year on 11th of Ab a major piece of masonry was dislodged from the Wailing Wall and the Temple site nearly killing a woman praying there.
That was a warning to Judah over their conduct and systems in practice. 

God is about to deal with Israel and Judah in particular. So also does he deal with the systems of Justice and those that exploit and plunder the Churches of God. 

A few years ago we exposed and fired an officer of CCG in Kenya for theft and made a report to the police and requested prosecution. Instead of acting the police tried to exploit the crime to benefit themselves and then tried to get me to come there, apparently so we could be further exploited.

Instead, after sifting the genuine out, we had our attorneys lodge application before the High Court against the offending DPP and Police officers.  The judgment on our application for the private prosecution of the offending former CCG officer and the Police officers and the DPP was handed down on Thursday in Kenya and forwarded to me from the court on the early morning of 15 Ab.

We have won the case against the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Inspector General of the National Police Service.

The court has agreed with us that the DPP, DCI and the police have failed. The Court has also found that the DPP has had more than enough time to hold the police to account and to prosecute the person involved. And because they have failed, we have been granted leave to commence private criminal prosecution proceedings against the offending persons.  We and our attorneys consider this a significant win!

The Independent Office Investigating Police Conduct is also involved and we expect further action in that regard.   We will commence the prosecution as soon as possible and we will seek justice against the police officers involved. Two have already been dismissed over their corrupt actions and we expect more dismissals.  It is amazing that the offending officers thought it could go unchecked.

Remember the examples of Ananias and Sophira.  This conduct is of the same order and we will not stand by and watch corrupt activity go unchecked either in or outside of the church.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General