Sabbath 6/2/41/120

Dear Friends

One of the Bible texts that is usually studied at the Passover or shortly afterwards is the text of the Song of Songs (No. 145).  It is important that we understand that and the responsibilities of the Church of God in that regard and its function in the work of God and especially in the Last Days.

In that paper we listed the commentaries on the text by the early rabbis and their understanding and that of the Churches of God over the years.  We also discuss what the Churches of God did wrong in the last days and how Sardis and Laodicea failed in their responsibilities.

We have also issued the paper The Forty Days Following Christ’s Resurrection (No.159A) which is important.

It is most important that we all understand what the errors were in both Sardis and Laodicea as they are punished by God and sent to the Second Resurrection. It is critical for every Sabbath-keeper to know who they are, what they are punished for, and what their doctrinal errors were.

Most people who are involved with these groups are there for social reasons and they do not understand the massive damage done to the Churches of God by the false prophecies of Herbert Armstrong, Ellen G. White and the Jehovah Witnesses (see the paper False Prophecy (No. 269)). Also anyone keeping the Hillel Calendar has, over the last fifty years, only kept the feasts on the correct days approximately four or five times in all those years. In approximately fourteen of those years they have not even kept the feasts and Holy Days in the correct months due to the Babylonian intercalations. God is not mocked by these false prophets and the Jews are not under God’s protection because of them (see Hillel, the Babylonian Intercalation and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C)).

The paper on the Song of Songs is a number of tapes in length and it is important that it be studied and spread over two weeks. Many have never heard it.

Do not disregard the importance of the work and study the papers on the Lampstand in the Last days (No. 170A) and also the paper The Weeks of the Omer Count applied to the Last Jubilee (No. 173A)

There is much to do and we have to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Messiah.  It is not enough to dismiss the preparation for the faith and say I will simply wait for the Witnesses. Some even have dismissed the matter as it will not happen in their lifetime.  God is not mocked and He may well decide to deal with those who think that way and what they have will be simply taken from them. They will be given a strong delusion and they will be sent to the tribulation and into the millennial system as humans and thence to the Second Resurrection. Do not lose your chance at the First Resurrection through indolence or stupidity.

Get yourselves ready and do not miss out on the First Resurrection because of the pressures exerted on you by families or friends or social groups. You have to be strong in the faith and able to stand alone with the body of Christ. You have to identify it and join it and take the Lord’s Supper with it. It is on the planet now or Christ is a liar.  If it is not CCG then tell us who it is and we will sell all we have and serve God through them.

Love one another as we are told to Love God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General