Sabbath 5/8/41/120

Dear Friends,

As we have stated over the previous few weeks from Trumpets we have issued the papers on the Wars of Amalek as:
The Wars of Amalek [I] (No. 141C);
The Wars of Amalek Part II (No. 141D); and
The Wars of Amalek Part III (No. 141E).

This week we will issue the paper Wars of Amalek Part IV: The End of False Religion (No. 141F).
This text deals with the varying moves by Satan and the Demons to corrupt the Covenant of God and establish the multiple false religions of the world so that the Plan of Salvation is frustrated and the Fallen Host hope fewer of the elect are called out and those that are called can be persecuted and discouraged over time.

The text deals with the purpose of the Creation and then moves to the infallibility of God and Scripture as the inspired word of God. The common Theology of Scripture and the Koran is outlined.  

This structure of Scripture then requires conformity for salvation in accordance with the Plan. The requirements of conformity then introduce the concept of False Religion and then its effect on the Creation and the Environment.

We are then led to explore the powers of the Fallen Host in the Creation and their limitations and the sources of Demonic power on the earth. In that analysis we examine the doctrine of Satan as the Prince of the Power of the Air in Ephesians.

We then look at the doctrine of One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism and that effect on Satan’s doctrine of Multiple Religious Faiths and the RC doctrines of its control of doctrine and symbols and what the original church had to say on its rituals.

We then go on to discuss how Satan influences human thought by influences in the air and in the human body.  We then go on to Satan’s suppression of Truth and its concept in Scripture and the variations of Truth put forward under Satan and the Demons.

We then look at limiting Satan’s power by limiting his time and structure.

We proceed to examine the Covenant of God.  From this position we proceed to examine the logic of the Nexus of the Law of God and its reintroduction and the attaining of eternal life.

In Section II we proceed to deal with and explain the development of False Religion. We also explain the development of the doctrines of Heaven and Hell and the antinomian attacks on the law. We examine Ditheism and the Triune God in Binitarianism and Trinitarianism.  Then we look at the attacks on God’s Calendar under false doctrine.  The false doctrines then take us to Reincarnation and Liberation Theology; then to the Asian systems and into Confucianism and Taoism and Islam in Asia.

We conclude with the church as the Body of Christ and then the church as the Israel of God and the end object of salvation as the Temple and City of God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General