Feast of Weeks and Pentecost 41/120

Dear Friends,

We are at the Feast of Weeks and Pentecost after completing the Omer Count from the Wave Sheaf Offering at the Feast of the Passover and Unleavened Bread.

We have completed this journey in order to complete the development of the Holy Spirit which flows on from the Lord’s Supper on 14 Abib.  It is to be remembered that whilst CCG accepts the Baptism of the Sabbatarian non Trinitarian Churches of God it does not under any circumstances recognise baptism by any Trinitarian minister or organisation.

It is for that reason we would not have accepted Herbert Armstrong’s baptism and deem him to require rebaptism in the COG. CCG and all Sabbatarian churches draw their authority from the baptised members of the organisation baptised by their ministry acting as officers of the church.  For that reason we require all officers of the church to be ordained by authorised officers of CCG with the laying on of hands. This does not require an officer to remain in good standing all their lives but only while they are credentialed by the Church of God for which they are baptising. Otherwise the result would be confusion.

Each of our members is required to identify the Body of Christ and then place themselves in that Body for the Lord’s Supper in the Second sacrament of the Church after Baptism. If you do not keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread in its entirety then you are cut off from the Body of Christ (Ex. 12:15, 19). Indeed the same applies to the Day of Atonement. These are specific days within the Temple Calendar (cf. God’s Calendar (No. 156)). That means that the postponements of Hillel are not recognised and any one that keeps Hillel is cut off from the Body of Christ. Indeed sometimes the Feasts of Hillel are not even in the same months as those of the Temple Calendar.  The act of keeping the Lord’s Supper and consuming the Bread and the Wine and having the Foot washing serves to identify the recipient with the Body of Christ and serves to confirm the repentance of the individual from the errors of a false system.

It always remains for any adherent of the Sabbatarian system involved with Hillel to ask to have hands laid on them when they are inducted to CCG if they wish to confirm their repentance. We always require rebaptism for Trinitarians and Sunday worshipping religious systems. It is too late to find out at the return of the Messiah that you are not in the First Resurrection because of your stupidity and pride in not acknowledging error.

It may help to reconsider the paper Lord’s Supper (No. 103) and also The Footwashing (No.099).  See also the Holy Spirit (No 117).

Remember that God has called His people and given them to Christ and that there must be a Body of Christ somewhere in the world operating on a continual basis.  Scripture cannot be broken. If it is not CCG then it must be somewhere.  Find it and then tell us and we will sell up and go and work for them. However, it certainly does not have two Gods and follow the Hillel System (cf. Hillel, Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195 C)).

We are completing the journey for the renewal of the Holy Spirit. Stand firm in the faith.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General