Sabbath Message 29/9/40/120

Dear Friends,

This is the last Sabbath before the New Moon of the Tenth Month.  In this coming month the festival of the god Baal and the Solstice of the birth of the Sun God presented from the cave with the virgin goddess will occur (see the paper Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)). Then after that the devotees of the Globalist New World Order to be set up in the Last Days will move to establish the World Financial Order.  They were supposed to have done it when Clinton won the presidency, but she lost much to their horror and so they had to postpone it and then work to destroy Trump and blame the coming crisis on him.

I notice that Rickards, an American lawyer and a regular commentator on finance, is aware of the impending collapse also. He and Thatcher’s advisor were the only other two in the world to spot, and warn of, the GFC in 2008.  As we are aware CCG began that warning at end 2006 and we warned of this coming crisis from 2013 onwards.

From the Pagan New Year the Bankers will move to destroy the US dollar as the world reserve currency and destroy US financial independence. They intend to make the US dollar worthless as an international basis of trade. With that destruction will follow US Military power which will slowly disintegrate.  The US power brokers will have to fight to retain influence and war will be inevitable. Trump is powerless to stop it. They are engineering the media to blame it all on President Trump and seek his impeachment and remove nationalist influence everywhere. Our children have been brainwashed everywhere and they will gradually sell us out to the NWO.

The IMF is working to establish the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) system as a world currency and all based on the new Distributive Ledger System, which we will hear much more about soon.  The UK Standard Chartered Bank has been given permission to issue bonds in China based on the SDRs already.

The follow on will be to reduce the value of US savings and collapse the Stock Market. They then have to control gold as the alternate currency. That is why they are moving to control the sale of gold everywhere and especially in India.

Most of us have no idea as to how treacherous and disloyal our politicians really are. They are termed by the Globalists “convenient idiots.”

We will keep you informed of the progress of this economic sabotage of the US and the BC over 2018.  On the New Moon we will recapitulate the time frame of the creation and the rule of Satan and when he and the entire fallen Host are to be sent to the pit for the millennial system.  They think they can destroy the world system before the First Resurrection. However, Messiah will be here before God allows that to happen. To do that God also has to destroy this Antinomian Evangelical system in the US that teaches heaven and hell and a rapture doctrine. Their power has to be destroyed before they actually destroy the US and BC and the world.

We are sure that the power of the Plan of God will unfold in the near future and save those who are called according to His plan as outlined in Scripture.  In the same way we will release the progressive commentaries on the Koran and warn the Arabs and other Gentile nations of the coming disasters.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General