Sabbath 28/5/40/120

Dear Friends,

This is the last Sabbath of the Fifth Month of Ab.  On Tuesday we are celebrating the New Moon of Elul.

The sequence of the Ascents of Moses (No. 070) from the Third month in Sivan to the Sixth month of Elul is to define the receipt of the Laws of God (L1) and to develop the Churches of God in their understanding over the Last Days. It is important that the Ascents of Moses are studied prior to the Day of Trumpets.

We are continually amazed by the Churches of God in the last phases of the Sardis system and those of the Laodicean to be simply blind to the basics of the Faith. The Sardis system of the 20th century in some areas did not even attempt to keep the New Moons and the Feasts and Holy Days of God.  The ones that did were betrayed by the Armstrong ministry and they did not keep a Feast correctly or a Holy Day on the right day except by complete accident.  They chose to follow the Jews and the post Temple Hillel Calendar. Their ministry knew what they were doing and refused to teach the truth because they might lose those who worshipped the Idol Shepherd.

We expect treachery and false witness from the Trinitarian Sun worshippers of the Baal system run from Rome but the Binitarian/Ditheists are enough to drive anyone into anger at their heresy and their refusal to correct it.

As we deal with the Qur’an we are more and more amazed at the blatant lies taught by the Imams and Sheiks.  The work of the Seventh Century is a document of the doctrines of the Churches of God over the centuries from Christ and the apostles to the message to the idolaters in Arabia and the Middle East generally.  The reason the Commentary on the Koran was not done earlier was because the church was persecuted up until the middle of the Twentieth Century and until the end of the Twentieth Century the Churches of God were in total heresy.   The reason they could not explain the Koran was because they did not know enough and had two gods and the wrong calendar (see the paper Ditheism (No. 076)).

The Koran is a direct message to all idolaters all over the world and calls on all people to worship the One True God, Eloah, and to accept Messiah as the Christ and as one of the Heavenly Host created by God.   It calls on all men to be baptised and to keep the Sabbath and the Fourth Commandment as a Sign of the Covenant (S4:154). It requires the Food Laws to be kept (e.g. S3:93).  It gives the references to Jonah and the place of Jerusalem as the place of worship of the Faith.   It concerns the Wars of the Last Days.  Yet even when its coverage is so extensive the so-called Muslims of the last days pervert its doctrine in its entirety. With the doctrines of the Churches of God from the US they could not reach Islam because they were heretics. As it now stands they will blow the world to pieces. Messiah will have to return to save us all. The fact is that we will convert two of the tribes and they will become the centre of the faith in the sons of Shem in the Middle East.  We will also convert the Sons of Judah under the Witnesses and they will repent.

I will say it again as we have said before.  The entire body of the Churches of God in the Sardis and Laodicean systems will not enter the Kingdom of God in the First Resurrection except for a very few. In case you do not understand, the Sardis system has only one marker and that is that it has the name that it is living but it is dead. (Rev. 3:1).  There has only ever been one Living Church of God. That is the demarcation Church of the Sardis system. Pray for their understanding and open their eyes so they can turn and be saved.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General