Sabbath 25/2/40/120

Dear Friends,

We are watching the world fall to pieces around us.  God has given us a manual and told us what to do and how to get to the First Resurrection and if we fail He has told us of the safety net he set up so that the Second Resurrection will catch all of those that simply fail to obey God and fail to make the First Resurrection.

It is a lot like 2Chronicles chapters 17-19. Where the people sinned and Asa died in his illness in the feet because he did not seek God. Jehoshaphat strengthened himself against Israel but then made an alliance with Israel against Syria.  Ahab was made to go against Syria and at Ramoth-Gilead through false prophecy, even though he was told the truth by Micaiah son of Imlah.

Israel is full of false prophets and false advisors in these latter days.  Their religious leaders are priests of the Sun god Baal and his consort Easter or Ashtoreth and they keep the Sun system and even under their actual names.

The wickedness of the Intelligence community in the US and throughout the nations of UK and EU and AU, CA, and NZ is simply staggering.

God is about to deal with us if we do not repent. So also is the judiciary wicked in the gates of the nations and give unjust judgment and the virgins of Israel are set to be prey to the gentiles and the evil of the nations of the world. God will not tolerate it and we will be exterminated as groups that permit such evil.

The Syrians are attacked by poison gas and chemical weapons and the US is behind the attacks and the development of the terrorists in Syria. It appears that Trump and Putin are trying to stop WWIII but the Globalists of the West are trying to get rid of Trump and impeach him or have him assassinated. As the Syrians targeted Ahab at Ramoth-Gilead and killed him so the enemies of our people are targeting Trump singularly and specifically to remove him. Judah was saved in order to fulfil prophecy but Israel was continually weakened so as to be sent into captivity in 722 BCE.

So great is the wickedness in the US and especially in Washington DC and in the administration and judiciary nationwide that God is about to destroy them unless they sincerely repent. So also will AU and CA and NZ follow them.  UK has been so wicked that whole towns are being taken over by Muslims and their people are being told to convert to Islam. These Sunday worshipping servants of Baal are being sold out by their Satanist priests both in UK and in Rome and all over Europe and the democratic nations and particularly in the US. Their politicians are traitors and their administrations are rife with treason and corruption.

It is so evil that even the Churches of God are polytheist worshippers of two or three Gods and many are even Sabellianist worshippers of Christ as the One True God. They do not follow the Bible.  They do not keep God’s Calendar (No. 156).  They follow the evils of the post temple Jews under the Hillel Calendar.

This idolatry and sin is not only forbidden but those that do such things will be exterminated as a people and certainly will not be permitted in the Churches of God. Judgment begins at the House of God and that started in 1987 and it will continue on now until it is totally eradicated. There will be no minister left alive in the Churches of God that teaches Ditheism or Binitarianism or the Hillel Calendar or any variation of it. They will all be silenced by 2024. We have warned the Churches of God regarding their false teachings many times previously.
Judgment began at the House of God in 1987 with the Last Generation from 1987 to 2027. That is the last forty years of the last jubilee. Satan’s rule ends by that jubilee (see the paper Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272)).

Each one of the Churches of God is expected to keep the New Moons as well as the Sabbaths (Isa. 66:23).  The punishment for not doing so is death, and that to a person in the last days means not making it into the First Resurrection (see the paper Heaven, Hell or the First Resurrection (No. 143A)).

The Churches of God, and especially UCG, were warned of their heresy in the paper Commentary on the UCG Doctrinal Paper: Should Christians Observe New Moons? (No. 124) and in the paper Letter to the Churches of God re the New Moons and the Hillel Calendar (No. 124B)

Every Passover we are required to identify the body of Christ and keep the Lord’s Supper with that body and to support its work and tithe to it.  Christ said that the gates of the grave would not prevail against it and that it would be alive and working on the planet right up until the end and the return of the Messiah. So the body must be there and active or Christ is a liar.

That body determines the doctrines of the church and its teachings and who is to be baptised and allowed among it. That body is to be obeyed and it has the power to consign its people to the First or the Second Resurrection (see also the paper The Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White throne Judgment (No. 143B)).

The correct and faithful body alive now with the lampstand is the Church of the Philadelphians and that body has the lampstand in the Last Days (see the paper Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283)). The churches that fail are the Sardis and the Laodicean systems. Their ministers do not enter the Kingdom of God themselves and they prevent all who follow them from doing so also.

They inherited false doctrines regarding the nature of God and also regarding the Calendar which they took from the post Temple Jews and they keep Hillel and are Ditheist or Binitarian or even Sabellianist. They do not keep the New Moons and they very rarely even keep a Holy Day on the correct days.
Their ministers will be dismissed with the Rabbis at the arrival of the Witnesses and the Messiah.

If you wish to be in the First Resurrection you must identify the body of Christ and keep Passover with it and support and tithe to it. If you do not, you will not be there. So if you wish to gamble with your eternal life you are a fool.  If you doubt the power of the church to deal with you in that regard read 1Corinthians 5:5 for an example of the decision making power of the church.

Those of the church that are of the elect are those who keep the Commandments of God and the Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).  You don’t get many chances to be cavalier with the faith.

Pray for our leaders and the salvation of our people.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General