Sabbath 16/8/40/120A

Dear Friends,

This week is the 100th anniversary of the Charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba in 1917 on 31 October.  It was the last great Mounted Charge of the Commonwealth Forces and was undertaken by Mounted Infantry using Lee Enfield 303 bayonets instead of sabres. Australians, including the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, have gone to Beersheba to celebrate with the Israelis and also the Palestinians from Gaza who were liberated from Turkish occupation and remain the custodians of the Australian and Commonwealth graves there for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Only 37 Commonwealth men were lost at Beersheba. The film The Light Horsemen portrays the charge fairly well.

It was here at the well of the oath that prophecy was fulfilled and the ALH moved on and retook Jerusalem as prophesied, and explained in the Twelve Prophets (No 021). The re-conquest of Palestine was prophesied in the text of Habakkuk as we detailed in the Commentary on Habakkuk (No. 021H). The time frame was given through the prophecy of Haggai in Commentary on Haggai (No. 021J). The date was according to the Temple Calendar on 24 Chislev which proves that Hillel is wrong and was out by two days in 1917. Jerusalem was captured by the Australians on 7 December 1917 being the 24th day of the month from the New Moon of the Conjunction (see also the analysis in The Oracles of God (No. 184)). Allenby did not enter Jerusalem until 11 December some four days later on what was in fact 28 Chislev. Many Judaisers lie about the dates.

The film Lawrence of Arabia has a few omissions but it basically follows the outline of the Bible Prophecies and should be read in conjunction with the Commentary on Habakkuk above.

It is important that the commentaries on the Twelve Prophets is properly understood and studied. The only sign given to the Church is that of the Sign of the Prophet Jonah and unless one understands that sign one cannot understand the sequence of the Last Days (see also the Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013)).

It is important that we understand the time sequence of the prophecies and what is about to happen over the last days and these few years ahead up to the return of the Messiah.

Soon we will convert Israel and the sons of Keturah and Ishmael and Edom and Moab and Ammon and we will establish the kingdom at Jerusalem again.  Part B will continue with the Commentary on the Koran in that process.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General