Sabbath 15/9/40/120

Dear Friends,

Today we continue on with the study on the Koran to Surah 36 and Surah 37 is also ready. We will record Surahs 38 and 39 this week and go on into the 40s.

It is time for us to consider a serious issue among our people and that is the issue of corruption.
Our people are losing heart at the sheer volume of the corruption and dishonesty among our political and financial sectors and the Globalist destruction of the welfare of our people.

Our people are becoming so self absorbed that they care nothing for the society and its welfare and security. It seems as though God is tearing the face off the system and we are observing that the whole edifice is rotten from the head downwards.

Let us look at the penalties for corruption.  Firstly corruption is theft by misappropriation.  (See also the paper Law and the Eight Commandment (No. 261).) The appropriate punishment is to restore four times that which was improperly taken.

There is however a far more serious aspect, in that corruption in selling one’s country’s interest for bribes is treason and the punishment is death. It also involves breach of the Law and the Ninth Commandment (No. 262).  The amount of corruption in the US administration and congresses all over the country is simply mind blowing. So also we are watching the Australian and British systems torn apart by financial corruption and treason by selling out to overseas interests. It is on both sides of the Houses in all Parliaments.

The people are simply sick of it and it will not be long before the death penalty will be reintroduced for Political and Financial corruption. We cannot expect our people to maintain integrity and discipline when our politicians and bankers are rotten to the core and do not seem to see that what they are doing is wrong. They seem to be able to hold the problem in some sort of cognitive dissonance.  Our courts are also in the same dichotomy.

Once Messiah gets here and the First Resurrection occurs the Laws of God will be restored and the punishments will be also restored. Each nation will be held responsible for its own operations and regulation.  The Sabbaths and then New Moons and Feasts will be enforced and the punishment for not keeping them will be death (Isa. 66:23; Zech 14:16-19).  There will be no arguments or negotiation. The millennial system will be enforced with a rod of iron and the Sun and Mystery cults will be eradicated, as will the corruption of its officials and ruling classes.  There will be no respect of persons or corruption of any sort that will go unpunished.

This week the Prime Minister in AU had to be dragged kicking and screaming to declare a Royal Commission so that the Parliament would not establish a Commission answering to the Parliament and not the PM regarding the banking, finance and insurance industries.  Another politician reportedly in the pockets of the Chinese was stripped of his opposition duties. He should be removed from the Parliament and may well be. In another age he would have been executed.

We have to stamp this corruption out or we will indeed go into captivity.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General