Sabbath 13/10/40/120

Dear Friends

We are at a turning point in AU political history and it will extend into the US and throughout the British Commonwealth.

AU just voted to legalise Same Sex Marriage.  The Coalition of the Liberal and National Party was led by the PM to a complete rout and the Federal Parliament failed completely in its leadership. Qld will retaliate at the next Federal election and may not elect one Liberal outside of the Capital in the SE.

The polls are indicating that the Coalition will lose to ALP by ten points at 55 to 45 percent of the Two Party Preferred vote.  There is no leadership whatsoever in the Federal Parliament. When you tell them they simply refuse to acknowledge what one says to them.

It seems both sides of the Parliament are selling us out to the Communist Chinese and they take gifts of money from Chinese Communist plants in the country. It is a national disgrace and the parties will not self regulate. The same is happening in the US and UK and elsewhere.

The people have had enough everywhere among us, in AU and the US and in UK and Canada and NZ.
It is a matter of treason everywhere and none dare call it treason. The mainstream churches have been infiltrated by Sodomites and Lesbians and they are set to indoctrinate our young and destroy the traditional family unit.

The Parliament has to be cleaned out and both major parties disbanded.  AU has to bite the bullet and suffer hung parliaments and cross bench rule not only federally but they must gut the parties and get rid of them everywhere.

There must be a body of independents take over as was set up from Federation to occur.  Our ambassadors are reporting back that the US is hopelessly divided and we know that to be a fact from our own people everywhere.

There is war coming and we are a disunited rabble everywhere.  Our defence system is in a parlous state. We have no significant war reserves and no strategy and we can be taken by a competent force in seven days and we have told Defence how it can be achieved. Their answer was to produce a white paper and tell us that our comments were incorporated into the paper.

This is a turning point in AU political history.  The Globalists have penetrated our parliaments and they are destroying us and we have to identify them and get rid of them or go into captivity.

The Roman Catholic system has taken over our political and legal system and the administration and wish us destroyed. The entire High Court are RC and they cannot sit in judgment independently or without bias any more. We allowed it to happen and we will be punished for it.

We did not do anything to earn this great wealth we were given.  It was done by our ancestors as part of God’s Blessing to Abraham and we do not seem to understand and we are throwing it away.  God is not mocked.

It is Satan’s plan to establish this Communist system under China and the Soviet blocks and destroy the Ten Tribes throughout the world. Look at the papers on Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) and the sequence of the papers under Sons of Shem (No. 212A) and the Sons of Abraham (No. 212B to 212G).
In all our lives we have not seen it as divided and treacherous as it is now.  The Churches of God even at their very leadership are corrupt everywhere.  There appears to be no other church except CCG that keeps the correct Sabbaths and Feasts and Holidays and New Moons internationally.  There is no integrity in scholarship anywhere. The ministry lies to support the Hillel calendar because they are too bone idle to do the research and correct their errors (see the papers Hillel, Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C) and the other texts on the Hillel System in No. 195 and 195B.) We have done it for them but they continue to ignore the facts and will not repent.

Look at the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156) and see what it is exactly that God told us to do and what we did under Christ and the apostles. Stop the lies or face the Second Resurrection which these churches so richly deserve.

We are watching people collapse because they are unable to control their own families. Even the Churches of God go to festivals arranged for the Sun Cults of the God Baal at the solstice.

Why do we think God sent these pseudo Jews into captivity in 70 CE and destroyed the Temple and placed them all in the Second Resurrection?  They corrupted the system of God with their traditions and killed the Messiah and then destroyed the Sadducees on the destruction of the Temple.  Even then they had not produced the Hillel Calendar.  That did not occur until the Babylonian Intercalations were brought to Hillel and the “Modern” Jewish Calendar was issued in 358 CE.  The Churches of God were not fooled by it until the heretic Armstrong introduced it with his Jewish friends and corrupted the churches of the 20th century.   

If they continue to teach a false calendar they will go to the Second Resurrection along with the Talmudic Jews and every deceived person that follows them. I have heard many state falsely that the Hillel Calendar was in place in the Temple system.  I have also heard the judaizers among them claim there was no Temple Calendar when we have abundant recorded evidence that there was. Christ was dead and resurrected 328 years before Hillel was issued and no church has kept it until Armstrong and Dugger introduced the heresy.

This is no game.  We have a responsibility to warn the nations of the coming of the Messiah and we must have them follow the Temple Calendar and that cannot happen until these offshoots are corrected and if necessary wiped out.

Our nations are collapsing. Our judiciary is under the influence of a corrupt religious system. Our politicians sell themselves like common whores to the Globalist system and other nations.  The churches of the world  have become cesspits of scandal and corruption.

Our people are worse than we were in the days of the Judges and every man does what is right in his own eyes.

God is about to deal with us.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.