Sabbath 12/6/40/120

Dear Friends,

As we have reported over the last 14 weeks we have been issuing the Commentary on the Koran.  This Sabbath we will record Surahs 20 and 21 and deal with the correct meaning of the Koran again.

Some three weeks ago the Deputy Coordinator General Russell Hilburn delivered the first introductory papers and the first twelve Surahs to the Nation of Islam and this week Louis Farrakhan announced that he had accepted Christ as his Redeemer and that he had been wrong all these years and had to make amends for his teachings. Praise the Lord that he now understands the importance of Messiah in the Koran and we hope that he is able to bring the whole of the Nation of Islam to repentance and understanding of the real meaning of the Koran.

It is only when we are all able to see the errors of the teachings of the Hadith and the Councils of the Church and their Ditheist/Binitarian and Trinitarian heresies that we will have peace and achieve salvation (see the paper Ditheism (No. 076)). It is only when the Churches of God of the 21st century realise that they are in heresy in regard to the Nature of God and the Calendar of God that they will repent and be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God in the First Resurrection (see the papers The Kingdom of God (No. 144) and the Calendar of God (No. 156)).

I was told on Thursday that a number of people are reading and studying the Commentary on the Koran on the CCG site and also seem to understand how important it all appears to be. Our stats this month will also reach or exceed two million accesses for the month.  We will continue on each Sabbath now until we finish the Commentary.  The Feasts and Holy Days of the Seventh Month will see the appropriate sermons given on the Holy Days but we will continue on through to explain what each Surah means and how it was compiled and why it was compiled. By the New Moon of the Eighth Month we should be in advance of Surah 26. We will then pick up more speed and reach more in Islam.  It is now time to bring them to repentance and convert the tribes of the Arab peoples in order to give them their place in the Plan of God and their places in the First and Second Resurrections.  God will call them when He wants them and it is our understanding that it is pursuant to this work that they will commence to be called (see also the Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272)).

We are all called when God wants us and we have a part to play in the work. If you wish to be part of the First Resurrection then you have to be part of the Philadelphian system and you must keep the Temple Calendar and you must believe that there is only One True God and that He sent Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is not coequal and coeternal with the One True God. If you do not understand that you are not in the First Resurrection (see the paper The Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283)).

Understanding the Plan of God and the Names of God will assist us all in attaining Salvation. Study again the Prologue to the Commentary on the Koran (No. QP) and also the Names of God (No. 116); The Etymology of the Names of God (No. 220)  and the Names of God in Islam (No. 054).

We have a big task ahead of us and there is much work to do.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General