Sabbath 11/07/40/120

Dear Friends,

This week we wrote concerning the purpose of Atonement and its correct day and the failure of the Churches of God to keep the Temple calendar and to repent.

Last year we wrote of the same problem but also raised the issue of the Atonement wars in the Middle East and the concerns and punishment of Syria.  This message is at

We are at present on the verge of conflict with North Korea and Russia has warned that it will engage the US and Kurdish forces in any operations against the Syrian regime. These conflicts will enlarge until Russia and China become involved with the conflicts and Russia becomes absorbed with the final Beast power, (see also the paper Commentary on Daniel Chapter 7 (No. 299C)).

North Korea seems to be trying to buy time to enlarge its military nuclear capacity so that it can delay the US and make deals similar to that made with Iran. It is unlikely that the US under Trump will be as stupid and traitorous as it was under Obama and might have been under Clinton.

China and Russia wish war but are unable to bring such conflict to conclusion as yet. However, the US could but does not wish war. The greater danger is that it limps along as it is until China and Russia are able to close such a war and then they will strike. That will be also when the Iranians and the Arabs are nuclear armed with the North Koreans. There is not long to go.

This week we must all travel to the Feast and we wish that you do so safely.

Remember that this week’s Surah is S18, “The Cave” which deals with the prophecy concerning Revelation chapters 2 and 3. The Feast then commences with Surah 19 “Maryam” concerning the Messiah and the foundation of the Church at Mecca under the prophet. These were early Surahs of the church at Mecca. S19 was revealed to prepare the poor of the church for the First Hijrah to the church in Abyssinia for protection.

The Commentaries on Surahs 19-26 have been prepared, recorded and are published so the Feast is made ready for some interesting study.

We hope everybody is well and well prepared for this feast. As Ezra and Nehemiah said: Go and eat the fat and drink the sweet.

Have safe travel both there and return.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General