Sabbath 8/9/40/120

Dear Friends,

Today we proceed on with the Surah 35 “Angels” and Surah 36 “Ya Sin”

Surah 35 deals with the Angels as the Messengers of God in the creation and shows their purpose.  The Spiritual phase is taken on as the warning from the beginning at the creation by God and the creation of the Sons of God, and as instruction through the Spirit, and the next phase is as the warning to mankind through the prophets at “Ya Sin” or “O Man” as the object of warning.

The next phase will be Surah 37 as “Those Who Set The Ranks” and we will explain the sequence of revelation in that phase.

Without the Scriptures it is impossible to understand the Koran and that simple fact should be obvious to the dullest Muslim by now. The Scriptures are given to the Church of God and maintained in their integrity by them.  The Trinitarian Sunday worshippers of the Baal system are no different in that pseudo-Islam and they both worship the false god, Hubal or Baal, either at Rome or at Mecca or among the pseudo-Orthodox in the eastern rites.

These warnings are to them all, and the Scriptures and the Koran or Qur’an will see the destruction of them all among the world’s false religions.

Time is short and we have to work hard to prepare the world for Salvation in the First Resurrection.  Once the Messiah arrives it is all too late. The Jews and Churches of God that keep Hillel will not be in the First Resurrection. These are they who weep and gnash their teeth when they realise what has been taken from them by these false teachers of Armstrongism and the Sun Cults. They have allowed these parasites to take their crowns. So also the Imams and Sheiks have lied continually and told them the Scriptures had been lost and that they did not need to keep the laws of God when the Koran says that they must do so (Surahs 3:93; 4:154 etc.). They incite prayer by rote and also pray to the Messiah and the saints and for that they will die.

May we all grow and develop in the faith around the world and remain steadfast in the faith.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General