Sabbath 2/8/40/120

Dear Friends.

Today is the Sabbath 2/8/40/120.  We follow on from the New Moon study with Commentary on the Koran: Surah 29 (Q029). It is termed the Spider.

Surah 29 Al-‘Ankabut “The Spider” is named from verse 41 where false beliefs are likened to a spider’s web for frailty.  Most of the Surah is attributed to the Middle or Last Meccan period. There is confusion as to the origin. Some authorities attribute verses 7 and 8 and many others attribute the whole latter section of the Surah to the period at Al-Madinah.  It gives comfort to the community under persecution.

In this text we again get Haman linked with the time of Moses and again the Amalekites are tied in to the period with Egypt. It has to be considered that Haman may have been a traditional ancestral name of the Amalekites that Moses and the Israelites fought in the last year of the Exodus near Kadesh. There seems little doubt that the Prophet is tying the Arabs in as the latter day Amalekites in the last wars of the end time persecutions.

The text introduces the concept of testing by affliction those of the faith who believe.

There is much to learn from the texts in the Koran but it cannot be understood if it is divorced from the Scriptures. As the Prophet once intimated, a person that does not study the Scriptures is like an ass laden with golden books.

Almost all Muslims have never studied the Scriptures and indeed not even the Koran. Christians are the same but they have the capacity to destroy the planet and will do so until Messiah intervenes and stops them. The Demons are placed in the pit and those of us who have fallen asleep are resurrected and placed in charge of the earth to ensure the survival of the humans. Then we will re-educate them in the Second Resurrection.  I had once hoped that we could reason with them but unless the Holy Spirit is directing them their conversion is impossible.

For over 1400 years The Koran has been misused and misrepresented as the Scriptures were before them. The Church of God failed in dealing with it because the final eras were incapable theologically of correcting them.

Our task is to correct the views of pseudo-Islam and Trinitarian Christianity.  Within seven years of the Advent of the Messiah and the Resurrection of the Prophets and the elect of the faith all of these false systems will be stamped out and their leaders killed. Then we will set to and re-educate the world. Those who do not obey will be punished and brought to repentance.  There is only one way to eternal life and that is through Repentance and Baptism (No. 052), and Obedience in knowing the One True God and Jesus Christ whom He sent (Jn. 17:3).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General