Sabbath and Passover Message 11/01/39/120

Passover 39/120

Dear Friends,

This message is a follow on from the Passover Message of last year dealing with the serious social catastrophe that is the USA. As I said then it is the most dysfunctional society the world has ever seen and there is no use pretending that it is not.  I have gone year after year and watched the flag waving and the militarism and the blatant dishonesty of the banks and the ministry and the hypocrisy of the politicians and the corruption at every level of society. This election in the US is a farce and Trump is showing the US up for the dishonest society it is and exposing the administration. It is spreading all over the world and the English speaking people in Australia/NZ and UK and Canada are adopting the sheer blatant dishonesty of the banksters of the US and London and now all over the Commonwealth.

The UK may well opt out of the EU also and our people are starting to wake up to what has been done to them.

Even or especially church authorities have been found to be less than honest in their dealings with their people for money and the people love to have it so and they bring their lies to the Commonwealth and deceive our people also.  The two fundamental lies under the WCG and the offshoots were the Hillel Jewish calendar and the Ditheist Godhead introduced by Armstrong into the Churches of God.  They know these doctrines are lies and some even admit they are lies to their brethren who are a wake up to them and are on the verge of leaving. This year it is obvious that Hillel is a farce and a month out of date with feasts in the Second, Fourth and Eighth months. Some of the offshoots such as the UCG have at least five different versions of the Nature of God and cannot agree. LCG has at least two versions and cannot agree either but has less variation.  It is this fundamental capacity to lie to each other that is at the bottom of the dysfunction and hypocrisy of the US system and like the proverbial cat they are dragging it into our homes like dead rats.  They got the lies about the calendar from the Jews in the same way their banking system was corrupted by the wealthy of their system.

Their religious system was also based on the lies of the Trinitarian system that followed the Sabbatarians there and their religious system was corrupted everywhere.  What they have is the great Whore that came from the whore and Mother of Harlots in Rome but fragmented in a system of harlot daughters and liars and those who lied to their people on a continual basis.

The Churches of God commenced in America became the most corrupt versions of the Churches of God ever seen in the world over the previous 1900 years. The SDAs were started by the Churches of God (SD) and were corrupted by the false prophetess Ellen G. White and by 1978 the Jesuits had corrupted them completely and they adopted Trinitarianism.  The JWs were also corrupted and they abandoned Sabbath-keeping so they could attract more people through Antinomianism. In the 1940s the greatest false prophet and corporate thief, racist and plagiarist ever to hold office in the Churches of God established the Radio and later Worldwide Church of God. The false prophecies of these people are listed in the paper False Prophecy (No. 269).

The basis of their failure to deal with these problems stems from their racism and the lack of education at the basic social levels.

They started out on the right foot when the Sabbatarians migrated from Holland after they had been forced there by persecution in England. That story is told in the paper The Dutch Connection of the Pilgrim Fathers (No. 264)

However, it did not take long for the Trinitarians to follow them out and establish a system aimed at persecuting them.  The establishment of slavery entrenched social injustice and it was never rooted out of their mentality and the social system among the blacks was never properly established and they were never properly educated as a people.

Last year we examined the statistics of the US in order that we could understand the people. We went through the statistics of the social injustice and system in the USA and the cause of why it is like it is and what might be done about it.  It is useful to study last year’s message also at

The problem is that the US claims it is religious but it ignores the laws of God completely.  They worship the Triune God and they keep the festivals of the Sun and Mystery cults and they have set up a Civil Calendar based on the days of Human Sacrifice so that it is virtually impossible for a genuine Bible believer to actually follow the laws of God and God’s Calendar unharmed or not penalised (see the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)). They actually moved Independence Day from 1 July to 4 July so that it fitted on to a day of Human Sacrifice under the witchcraft calendar. So also they keept Valentine’s Day and Halloween and all the other days of Human Sacrifice in accord with the Witchcraft Calendar.
The USA became a centre for those seeking to escape the formal structure of the authorities in UK and Europe and the Satanic cults followed them to the US also. There they established the false system of the Last Days also.

The fruit of this false system is there to be seen by all.  The so-called land of the Free has some 4% of the world’s people and it has 25% of the world’s incarcerated population.  The USA has almost as many people incarcerated as Russia and China combined.  The USA, Russia and China together have half the world’s incarcerated population between them.  They are the most totalitarian of the world’s nations.

Their legislation and sentencing is Draconian and it is done on a for profit basis by commercially run corporations that make profit from the prisoners through their sub contracting systems of their incarcerated populace.

The international statistics on incarceration are at Appendix A of last Year’s Message.   These show the horror of the US justice system (see URL above).

The system is heavily weighted against blacks.  If you are born a black man there is a 1 in 3 chance you will be incarcerated. A black woman has less chance and white men have also less chance and white women only 1 in 111 chance of incarceration (see Appendix B); See also subsequent appendices.

A social system that produces these statistics is a disaster.  One cannot argue that the crimes are committed.  However, the social system places people in a situation where they are forced into an unjust social structure in the same way the UK was in the 16th and 17th Centuries and we forced people into prisons and hulks and transportation to prison colonies.

Prison as enforced in the USA is a cruel and unusual punishment and the aim of the system is not rehabilitation and never has been. Moreover, it does not follow the Bible system of punishment and if it did the system would be vastly different and aimed at rehabilitation.  Also the racist implications of profiling and punishment develop social problems and lead to dreadful social problems themselves such as sodomy and lesbianism.  And the religious systems encourage paedophilia, sodomy and lesbianism.

The Laws of God are examined in the paper Laws of God (L1) and the punishments are listed there and they should form the basis of the punishment system in the USA.

The education system is unjust and the health funding system is a scandalous farce and the disgrace is that the religious think they do God a favour by forcing people into debt and taking their inheritance from their children.  The distribution of wealth in the US is a disgrace and the wealth is owned by the top few percent.

It will progress now to the collapse of the national currencies and the plan is to construct a world currency by the NWO.  This is accelerating and the political confrontations this year will see it escalate and the population erupt in anger.
The tables of the relative situations were attached to the 2015 Passover message (URL above)  and they will be produced as a paper. 
Please pray for the stability of the nations around the world.  Pray for the coming of the Witnesses and the Messiah 1263.5 days thereafter. See the paper The Witnesses (Including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135) and the Advent of the Messiah Part 1 (210A) and Advent of the Messiah: Part II (No. 210 B).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General