Sabbath 29/3/39/120

Dear Friends.

Today is the 29th day of the Third Month and tomorrow will be the First Day of the 4th Month Tammuz. In this month coming we will see a number of very serious matters arise. On Thursday 23 June 2016 there will be a referendum in UK on whether to leave the EU or remain in. The decision will affect UK for virtually all time. 

It is important that the UK leaves the EU to preserve its borders and its sovereignty.

One of the key factors in the outcome is the role of the Throne of David and its preservation until he who comes whose right it is.  That is a major factor in what is to happen to the Israel of God and its nations.

UK has been seriously compromised by these Globalist socialists that are seeking to force UK into remaining.  The EU is using UK funds to purchase the votes of the British in order to get them to remain in the EU. They are sending out multiple ballots and ballots to ineligible EU people in order to get the Remain vote higher. 

Fortunately, the lies and deceit and the false statements coming out of the Tory government are driving a split in the Tories and also in Labour and driving them both into UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party).  After this referendum it is unlikely that Cameron will remain PM and maybe even the new party formed around UKIP will form a new government.

Britain will be much better off on its own and forming new trade alliances free of the bureaucratic control from Brussels. Britain is only now realising the enormous damage it has done to itself by going into the EU. 

So also has the huge deliberate destruction of the integrity of the EU with this migrant crisis impacted on the cohesions of the EU and Merkel may well have destabilised Europe and given rise to a new order of politics not only in Germany but also all over Europe.  People are furious and the Empire of Iron and Miry clay of the Ten Toes of Daniel chapter 2 is fracturing.  This is as it should be and it will limit the power of the Beast in the Last Days such that less damage is done to the English Speaking people than might otherwise be. See the paper World War III Part I: Empire of the Beast (No. 299A).

A recent poll shows just how Europe is waking up to the problem and a major factor in this is the deliberate destruction of the European people by the importation of African and Semitic people on a massive scale.

We are now seeing how the Marxists in the Vatican have taken over.  Francis and Hummus of Brazil have set the tone for the Globalist Communist takeover of the New World Order.  The Vatican is full of these pagans. This was again prophesied as part of the Empire of the Beast. See the paper WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B).

We are now well into what we understand as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. The sequence of the Last Days of this time was outlined in the paper The Fall of Egypt etc. (No. 036) and also in the Fall of Egypt Part II: The Wars of the End (No. P036_2).

The prophecies of the Last Days involving the Holy Land, the Messiah and the Wars are also found in the series involving the Twelve Prophets and their order and purpose.  See from the Introduction in the paper The Twelve Prophets (No. 21). The individual commentaries are in the subsequent series in (P21b-l).
The wars and the function of the Church were found from the Sign of Jonah the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013). The liberation of the Middle East in the Last Days is covered in the Commentary on Habbakuk (No. 021H). The prophecies also cover the correct Calendar simply with the date of the recapture of Jerusalem on 25 Chislev, which was not according to Hillel but according to the Temple Calendar (See the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)).

So also were the wars of Amalek examined in Descendents of Abraham Part II: Lot Moab, Ammon and Esau (212B) and Ishmael (212C), and also on P036_2 above, and The Commentary on Esther (No. 063).

These wars are now being played out and will escalate very soon.

There is no escaping these conflicts and the only way out is by repentance and obedience. See the paper The Covenant of God (No. 152) (In Pt. II The Restoration). These wars cannot be avoided.

The conflicts that are merging now are from the prophecies in Daniel chapter 11 and from 11:40-44 where the King of the South, which is the Muslim forces now spreading throughout Europe with explosives being planted everywhere. The escalation into full scale hostilities will see the Northern Forces enter the Middle East and then the news from the East and North will alarm the Beast and see many people exterminated.

Both Russia and China want WWIII but they are not yet able to close it.  The US has escalated its nuclear arsenal and knows it must close soon while it can still win.  The NWO wants it to destroy Iran and then China to enable the establishment of the Globalist system. Both sides have the same agenda. It is simply a matter of who is in control.

For the New Moon we will look at what happens over the Month of Tammuz and how it affects the spiritual powers of Israel and how God will deal with them all.

Pray that we are given the powers to do our tasks.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General