Sabbath 28/4/39/120

Dear Friends,

The Brexit has been passed and the EU is in an uproar and the fat cat bureaucrats are in a panic.

Other nations are now in a serious push to have their own referendums in order to leave the EU.  The Globalist socialists are angry because the UK has opened the floodgates at what is a critical phase of their world development and the formation of a non NATO EU force that can work independently of NATO and control the world’s development in order to force the UN socialist aims of a one World Government as foretold by Scripture.

The EU simply disregards the will of its own and the world’s people and it is not just undemocratic it is fully anti-democratic and is set to become a world dictatorship by 2030 (agenda 2030).  All this is now out in the open. 
These are the current stats on how many want referendums to leave the EU.

eu countries

Greece has 71% that wants to leave the EU versus 27% who wish to remain part of the EU and these are financial captives.  The numbers of those who wish to leave increase daily now after the Brexit.

The Torys are now in a frantic effort to elect a new PM and these opportunists are desperate to retain control and mess it all up and stop the Brexit.

So also the quislings are trying to frustrate the Brexit from the Labour Party and they have now voted no confidence in the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn. However the party rank and file must vote to determine the leader.

The opportunist Blair is now trying to wrest the position as negotiator so he can prevent the Brexit and is exposing himself as even more of an opportunist.  The UK is coming to see its politicians for the opportunist quislings that they truly are and on both sides of the house at Westminster.

The Scottish First Minister Sturgeon has been doing everything possible to stop the Brexit and the Scots have now told her to cease.  Her own party the SNP actually is pro Leave and she will be censured and removed as First Minister soon if she does not cease her behaviour.

The EU power groups drew up plans for forming an EU super-state and to invade the current structure with Muslims en-mass and hence the so-called refugee crisis staged by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  This plan was to merge the Muslims into the EU and force the integration of the European populace with the Muslim activists.  This plan is at the instigation of Rome under this pope Francis and the previous ones as well. The previous pope has some alarming allegations being made against him regarding his activities with Muslims at the Castel S. Angelo.

The UN also is bent on making the New World Order and One World Government as the Global World Empire being controlled by the UN with EU enforcement.  This is now an openly disclosed plan for world domination.  The Presidents of the US over the periods of office from Clinton have been openly supporting this system and the Clintons have been openly taking funds from the Arab nations and from Russia and China through their trust funds and have made untold millions from them through the same influence. The US people are only just starting to wake up to what has happened to them.  Trump may be the only chance they have but it appears that Ms. Clinton, in spite of her past and the dreadful history associated with her, may still be a possibility for president. The Globalists on both sides of the Houses that constitute the establishment will support her rather than the Republican candidate Trump.  If the US does not wake up it will be too late to save them.  This will be the last president they elect.

On 2 July 2016 we will see AU elect a government and the AU people are simply sick to death of political corruption in the major parties and the people are going to vote in Independents in both houses and many will rather vote informal than endorse any of the major party systems.  It is possible that between 25% and 31% of the Senate will be filled by Independents as the people declare a pox on their houses.  They deserve the rebuke in spades.

On Monday 4 July 2016, the New Moon of Ab, we will discuss the significance of the timing and the relationship of the activities in Europe over that period and the significance of Ab in prophecy. These aspects will be covered in the New Moon Message of 1 Ab.

Please pray for the opening of the eyes and ears of our people so that we can deal with them and instruct the world on what lies ahead.  Over the last 22 years we have been telling the world and Warning of the Coming of the Messiah as we were instructed to do in prophecy at Jeremiah 4:15-16 and now it is open to all but they still kick against the pricks.

Pray for our people and pray we are given the means to extend the message now at this final period in the Last Days before the Witnesses are sent to us.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General