Sabbath 27/5/39/120

Dear Friends,

This week we were engaging in discussions with a church that was coming into CCG because it was disgusted with one of the Offshoots and their attitude to their church and the collection of funds from them.  We are all aware of the false doctrine emanating from Armstrong re the Place of Safety which we exposed in the paper The Place of Safety (No. 194) and also the other control doctrine of the Third Resurrection which we had also exposed in the paper The Fallacy of the Third Resurrection (No. 166).

It appears that these manipulators in the ministry of the offshoots such as RCG are using these false doctrines to this day to ensure the flow of funds and compliance out of fear of losing a seat at the mythical safe place, which was alleged to be at Petra. However, at least the UCG under Kubic admits now he has no idea where the place of safety will be nor when the church will actually go there.

This is what the leader of the church group said in relation to RCG.
“The teachings of Mr. Pack has been galvanized with threats and ultimate fear. Brethren under this umbrella are already living as if the yesterday war somewhere in the Middle East is the end of the world!!
I know it is a turbulent approach to the realities of such magnified lies, but what about taking advantage of the people who knew little truth? Why make them more confused?”

He also said this in relation to the approach:
“We are literally told to, and ONLY, listen to the weekly distributed CDs, which in most cases are completely not relevant to my congregation. Elements of personal pride other than humbleness amongst local leadership and EXTREME ways of doing things like selling of other personal properties to send to the headquarters to acquire a place in the prophesied place of safety! If you fail to do this, then you are living under a curse! Imagine telling this to members of your congregation in a region like this of ours!
Some of these issues I raised during one of the brethren meetings with the Minister and the reply was not well to even other members of my congregation, and currently they have developed acute cold feet.”

We are all familiar with the false doctrine of the Place of Safety and it is important that all our officers are familiar with this Armstrong false doctrine and its purpose and the purpose of the false doctrine of the Third Resurrection.  The Place of Safety doctrine was to settle the nervous nellies down when they are faced with the problems of the coming wars and how they might be affected with the damage. The fact is the Place of Safety is in the hand of God and it depends entirely on God’s Grace.  One certainly cannot buy one’s way into the safety of God in the church at all.

The false doctrine of the Armstrong system on the Nature of God was a very serious problem.  The doctrine originally was technically Ditheism and is examined at Ditheism (No. 76B).

The purpose of the Third Resurrection was to keep all those that were sucked into the system in the system out of simple fear that God was going to resurrect them for leaving the WCG, and now the Offshoots, and then simply kill them and send them straight into the Lake of Fire to be burned.  This doctrine was totally contrary to the plan of Salvation as given by God in the Bible.  It is utter heresy.

As we have said recently, the Offshoots teach lies on the Nature of God and also they keep a false calendar namely the more modern Jewish Hillel Calendar based on the Babylonian Intercalations issued by rabbi Hillel II in 358 CE and corrected by Maimonides in the Twelfth Century. Pack and RCG have even claimed that Hillel is correct because Christ said nothing about it being incorrect when he was alive. As Hillel was not issued until 328 years after the death of Christ it is impossible that he was ever confronted with the heresy, otherwise he would, no doubt, have dealt with it.
However, he did deal with the traditions of the Pharisees on which Hillel is based and specifically condemned them.  Now, either Pack has no idea of the history of the Temple Calendar and the issue of Hillel and why the Church never accepted Hillel until the heretic Armstrong, or he is a fraud in making completely false and irreconcilable claims. So also the entire ministry that follows Hillel in the Offshoots either disregard the truth and mislead their people or they simply don’t know what they are doing. Either way they are in very serious trouble.

Each of us must be able to refute these false claims in relation to the Nature of God and the claims that Christ was a True God coequal and coeternal with the one True God from the beginning; and they must be able to explain how he was a son of God among the other elohim as the Bible states clearly in many instances.  They must be able to explain exactly that the safety of the elect is in the Hand of God and also they must be able to refute the heresy of the claims of a “Third Resurrection” which has no place in the Bible structure.

We must also understand that no minister of Armstrong and the WCG and Offshoots has any power to allocate any seat in any “place of safety” to anyone. They themselves are in serious danger of not being in the First Resurrection because of the heresies they accepted and teach in the Offshoots and in the whole Sardis and Laodicean systems. These issues are explained in the paper Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283).

These ministers of the Offshoots are themselves faced with the serious problems of saving their own positions in the First Resurrection and must repent as must we all. It is our individual responsibility to ensure our place of salvation in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (see Trumpets (No. 136)).

We do them and ourselves no service by failing to act as watchmen in condoning or allowing them to continue unchallenged with their heresies and false teachings misleading the called of God.

Pray that these people are called and taken out of their hands and they are faced with repentance and the correction of their false teachings.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General