Sabbath 24/7/39/120

Dear Friends,

We are now all back from the Feast.  It was a peaceful and successful feast and we all reportedly had a great time and learned a lot.

There are many new events set to occur over the period from now to the Passover and many great changes will occur to our banking and commercial systems.  The US will undergo radical changes due to the actions of this President Obama and his involvement with the NWO.  The damage he will do to the US will be irreversible.

Keep your eyes open to the collapses and changes to the banking system. The US will be subjected to great pressure and so also will the EU suffer national banking collapses.  The problems were set up to develop from the end of this Feast season and go on over the Eighth, Ninth and into the Tenth months of the Temple calendar or the Seventh, Eighth and into the Ninth months of the Hillel system due to the Babylonian intercalations in 2016. A banking crash was announced by Donald Trump on10 September which was the Day of Atonement according to the Temple Calendar. It was to occur in 79 days which is the New Moon of Tebeth on 29 November 2016.  Schiff who identified GFC I in 2008 also identified the collapse as commencing in 27 September 2016 in the US.  The reality is that the collapses are extending over the entire banking system and will go from September to December.  As we are aware CCG has been identifying the collapses in both the US and the EU and on a worldwide basis to occur end 2016 since 2013.

Be prepared now for the coming collapse.  There is a not a lot that can be done but we can make quite some preparation such as in water and food storage.  We will deal further with the coming crisis from the New Moon of the Eight Month on 1 October 2016.

The most important thing is to develop our relationship with the God we worship and also to identify the Calendar with which we worship that God according to the exact commandments on the exact days He gave us to worship Him.  See the paper The God We Worship (No. 002) for the object of our worship and also the papers of the Calendar series in order to understand the errors we have to correct.  God is not indifferent to the obedience or otherwise of the Churches of God and in the last days. Two of the three active elements or churches are simply declared dead and spewed out of the Mouth of God.  They are the larger elements of the Churches of God operating among the Western nations over the longer period, and contrary to what Armstrong claimed, they are not the Philadelphian system but rather they are Sardis from the Sardis/WCG system and offshoots and the Laodicean systems, which extended even into the SDA system from the Sardis (COG (SD) systems (see also The Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283).

Once again look at the belief systems of the WCG and offshoots that are Ditheist/Binitarian (See Ditheism (No. 076B) and also Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B)).

We are now about to start the most serious period of our lives.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General