Sabbath 22/8/39/120

Dear Friends,

It should be dawning on us that for the last several decades we have been deceived as a people and our media has been utterly deceitful. Our politicians have been working hand in glove with the media to destroy our independence as a people and the western world generally is being destroyed to stop our independence and our economic foundation and our manufacturing capacity as nations of the British Commonwealth and the United States of America.

The UN is actually composed of Globalist Communists and their design is to fragment our capacity to operate as independent nations and to force us into dependent nations acting as one organisation under control of the UN divided into ten economic regions under the Treaty of Rome. These economic regions will be supranational organisations with no elected representative leadership. The result of this system has been tried and proven to be a complete disaster with the European Union and the incompetent fools that were appointed to run it in Brussels, and the Marxist politician Angela Merkel of Germany has shown herself to be a complete idiot in the Migration crisis which the Marxists engendered in order to destroy the Western Civilisation based in Europe.

The destruction of the USA is also underway and this next presidential election of the US is the last election as we understand the US to operate.  If Clinton is elected then the USA as we know it is destined to be destroyed and its constitution will be destroyed and its legal system eradicated.

It is amazing that the people of the USA do not fully realise what has been done to them.  Nor do they realise what their political system has become and how totally undemocratic it actually is.   The political systems of both Democrats and Republicans are unrepresentative and act against the interests of the population and their system is incapable of being properly represented because they seem to not understand the necessity of proportional representation and preference voting to enable the populace to vote in its entirety nor do they understand the necessity that each citizen has a legal obligation to vote and select their leaders in accord with Biblical law. Much of these false ideas came from the criminals that seized power in the religious institutions of the USA in various churches.  The worst and most glaring example was Herbert Armstrong of the RCG/WCG.  Armstrong was the greatest thief ever to hold office in the Churches of God.  He actually signed a false document under penalty of perjury countersigned by Al Portune certifying that a referendum of the WCG had been undertaken at 300 West Green St Pasadena which effectively did away with the Constitution and vested full control of the Church in the hands of Herbert Armstrong.  I know people who were present there on the day in question. One prominent minister certified that no such referendum took place on that day (nor on any other day for that matter). 

Armstrong from then onwards simply plundered the Church and the ministry working for him maintained their silence and the key officers distributed millions among themselves for many years.  It was the greatest public disgrace in the history of the Churches of God.  More importantly the members allowed themselves to be plundered rather than insist on the constitutional rights vested in them as members of the Church.   In that way the citizens were conditioned to fraud by the leaders over them. That same conditioning was spread throughout the US in all churches and all states. In the same way the citizens were conditioned to view it as a sin to vote or exercise their responsibilities to vote in spite of the fact that Christ had ordered Moses that they were to select the leaders over them as their solemn responsibility.

We have even seen the uneducated morons stand in church assemblies in Australia in contravention of the Crimes Act (Cth) inciting the citizens to breach the law in front of Commonwealth Public Servants who were obliged to arrest and prosecute them for those breaches of the Crimes Act. The stupidity of the administration was breathtaking.
We investigated the criminal actions of Armstrong and the WCG Ministry and we have in our possession copies of the perjured documents signed by Armstrong and filed with the State of California. We were in a position to have the WCG administration removed and replaced after free and fair elections and their actions regulated. However, we decided not to do that because there was a likelihood that the people were so stupid that they may have even put the same criminals back in charge of them.  Why would we bother?
Let the Holy Spirit sort them out. They were to be removed as per the prophecies of the Churches of God (see the paper Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283)). All of the WCG were the last remnants of the Sardis system. Without repentance they were destined for the Second Resurrection.

In this same way the US has been conditioned over the decades to abandon their Biblical responsibilities and allow themselves to be plundered and misused so they do not even realise that they are being plundered.   More incredibly presidential candidate Donald Trump was given massive evidence by Wikileaks and others of the fraud of the US elections and especially this year in the Democrat primaries proving that the DNC and Clinton rigged the election against Sanders and then threatened him and was to do the same to the General election.  Then the media both in the US and in AU especially in the ABC and in UK in the BBC and the leftist press throughout ridiculed anyone who suggested such a thing. Good heavens we have seen it in churches, such as the Church of God alone, and much less in the political scene generally.

The USA is on the verge of losing its freedom to criminal scoundrels and the GOP is rotten with them as well. The US citizens are on the verge of open revolt and if and when they do these scoundrels on both sides of the house had better be ready to run.  Obama is preparing the UN to call in troops from other nations to seize weapons and take control.  Norwegian soldiers have reportedly stated openly to US people that they have already been placed on notice to that effect.  These are very serious matters.

The FBI are in disarray over the behaviour of their director Comey and there may well be repercussions throughout the system.  At least the US people are starting to wake up to the serious and dire consequences for them as  sovereign people.  God has stated what is to happen in the Last Days and the final last Empire of the Ten Toes in Daniel chapter 2 and 11:40-45.  Over a Third of mankind is to die in that sequence (World War III Part I: Empire of the Beast (No. 299A);  WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B) and War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294)).

The UN will last over the war and then for 42 months operating out of Jerusalem and face the Witnesses there.  At the end of the 42 months Messiah will come and destroy them and the false religious system operating from there with them (see the papers Advent of the Messiah Part I (No. 210A);  Advent of the Messiah Part II (No. 210B) and Wars of the last days and Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)).

There is nothing they can do to stop it and they will be destroyed as a governing system.  The entire world will be subjugated to the worship of God under Jesus Christ by 2025. In 2027 at the jubilee we will see the entire world distributed in its inheritance among the nations.  There is no way that can be avoided.
Wade Cox
Coordinator General