Sabbath 7/4/39/120

Dear Friends,

On  23 June 2016 UK will vote in a referendum. It will vote to 1. Remain in the EU or 2. to Exit the EU.
Should it decide to vote to Remain in the EU it will:

  1. Forever cede its rights to self determination and the control of its own affairs and legislation and borders and security and the control of its own Defence forces.
  2. It will have ceded the rights of its children for all generations to self determination and control over their own lands and birthright for ever and condemn them to slavery and servitude for the rest of their and their descendants’ lives and future.
  3. After having fought two world wars against Germany, and squandered the blood of the Commonwealth and the US, these traitors sold out to the fascist system that sought to place Europe and the UK under the control of a business and elite system of industrialists and bureaucrats all unelected. That system set up by the neo-fascists was supported by neo-fascist politicians in the UK who set about lying to the people of the UK while the same neo-fascist groups were lying to the European nations to set up the Fourth Reich.  
  4. UK will hand its Defence Forces to the control of EU bureaucrats and become a source of recruits for the German and EU command and be placed under occupation of EU soldiers most of whom will not be of the UK.

These four elements are undisputable facts.  After these elements have been handed over the following will occur.

  1. In 2017 the UK will then be broken up; its monarchy removed; and its legal system disbanded and placed under a European judiciary.
  2. Following the deterioration of the EU the NWO will be established so that world control will be extended over the US and BC such that their capacity for industrialisation will be destroyed as it has been progressively for the last forty years. The rest of the world will follow suit.

God warned our people against this sale of our birthright. Jacob purchased the birthright from Esau and God despised Esau for that act.  Esau opposed Israel and repeatedly tried to take back the birthright.  However, he was not allowed to do so and those actions have great consequence to this very day.

The Genetic structure and the history of Esau have been examined in the papers Descendants of Abraham Part II: Lot, Moab, Ammon and Esau (No. 212B); and Rachel and the Law (No. 281). (See also

Esau spent most of his history resenting, and trying to damage Israel.  Finally God sent them into captivity to Judah and assimilated them under the Macabbees in the Second century BCE.  They were forcibly converted to Judaism and became part of a wider Judah. After the battle of Actium they were elevated when Herod the Great was made king of Judea by the Romans. These were referred to as the Idumeans and they had been part of the Phoenician Empire.

The tribes that form modern Judaism are not in fact predominantly Jews at all.  Those of Judaism are formed of three groups of Semites being Hg J forming 28% of all people who say they are Jews but in fact are comprised of less than 10% each of Judah, Esau and the Arab converts.  The rest are North African Hamites of E1 and also Egyptians and Canaanites of Hg. E3. The rest are Japhethite  R1a Khazars and some R1b Hittites. 52% if all Ashkenazi Levites are not Levites at all but R1a Khazars. The rest of Judaism are numerically minor converts from other nations and tribal groups (see the paper Descendents of Abraham Part V: Judah (No. 212E)).

God has despised Esau for selling their birthright and these people in UK who have been given the blessings of Abraham are choosing to sell them and send their descendants into slavery until Messiah comes and takes them out of it and brings them captive again who sold them into captivity.  Pray for the exit of our people from the EU and that includes the other tribes.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General