Sabbath  4/6/39/120

Dear Friends,

This month is the last time Moses went up Sinai to be given the last series of instructions by the Angel of the Presence who was the elohim of Israel that became Jesus Christ (see the paper The Pre-existence of Jesus Christ (No. 243)).

Let us examine this sequence of the ascents of Moses and see what was being accomplished, and what were the objectives of the ascents. We have explained them in the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 070).  There were six ascents in total and they extended from the beginning of the Third Month Sivan on until the last descent at the end of the Sixth Month Elul.

The entire structure of the law of God was given continually over the six ascents and the six descents and the structure was completed in time for the Holy Day of the New Moon of the Seventh Month, which is the Day of Trumpets.  This day symbolises the coming of the Messiah at the end of the age. The explanation of the Trumpets is found in the paper Trumpets (No. 136). The Marriage Supper of the Lamb at the return is the First Resurrection of the Dead, which is explained in the paper Heaven. Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A)

The ascents and descents were from the Book of Exodus:

Ascent Number Descent
19:3-6 First 19:7-8
19:8-13 Second 19:14-19
19:20-24 Third 19:25
24:9-32:14 Fourth 32:15-30
32:31-33 Fifth 32:34-34:3
34:4-28 Sixth 34:29-35

Ascents one, two and three were in the first six days of Sivan, prior to the fourth ascent. The fourth ascent was after Pentecost towards the end of Sivan, and went for forty days until the end of Tammuz.

The two sets of three ascents are marked off by the two great events, which are the “giving of the Law” and the “setting up of the Tabernacle.” Bullinger has notes on these aspects listed in his notes to Exodus 19:3 (The Companion Bible). The sequence of the giving of the Law and the establishment of the Tabernacle was to herald the giving of the Holy Spirit through the activities of Christ and the final building of the Temple of God from Pentecost 30 CE, which Temple we are.

In this sequence God set Israel aside as a possession reserved for Himself. This was the sense of the wording of a peculiar treasure used in the text in Exodus 19:5. The nation of Israel was to become the first of the nations to be brought into the Plan of Salvation. Ultimately, the entire world would be given salvation as the prophecies foretell, and since Pentecost 30 CE this has been happening on a progressive basis.

First to the Third Ascent
Over the first six days of the Third month Moses spent his time ascending and descending the mountain three times. The fourth and the sixth ascents are marked by the giving of the first and second sets of tablets of the Law. Moses spent over forty days and nights in fasting on the Mountain of God, but not for the period before the giving of the first set of tablets, and Moses was not on the mountain exclusively for the Third month called Sivan or Ramadhan. Moreover, the Third month was not entirely spent before the Law was actually given. Furthermore, the second set of the Law was not given in the month of Sivan or Ramadhan. Thus the end of the Third month signifies nothing other than the arrival of the New Moon of the Fourth month.

The Fourth Ascent of the Third and Fourth Month
The fourth ascent saw the Elders of Israel set aside before God. The Law in its structure had been given on the earlier occasions, but the set of tablets had not been made. Moses ascended with the Elders of Israel, and the elohim that was the Angel of the Presence of God appeared to them. Moses was with the Elders and then left them in charge of Aaron and Hur, and Moses and Joshua went to the mountain. For six days the cloud covered the Mountain of God and then God called Moses from out of the cloud. Moses then went forward and was on the mountain for forty days and forty nights. Thus we might deduce that the period of forty days occurred well after Pentecost.

Bullinger dates the six days and the seventh as the 20th to the 25th and the 26th of Sivan, being the fourth Sabbath of Sivan (cf. fn. to Ex. 24:16-18). Thus the forty days on the mountain began at the end of Sivan and not at the beginning. It certainly could not have begun any earlier than the 13th day of the Third month. In the case of the ascent, the forty days ended on the Twentieth day of Sivan, whether or not the six days are inclusive of the forty or not, on the New Moon of the Fifth month, Ab after the Fourth month, which was named for the god Tammuz or Dumuzi derived from the Babylonian Mystery systems and associated with the idolatry of Israel.

The Fifth and Sixth Ascents of the Fifth and Sixth Month and their Spiritual Significance
The fifth ascent is covered in Exodus 32:31-33 and the descent in Exodus 32:34-34:3.

The sixth ascent is covered in Exodus 34:4-28, and the descent from 34:29-35.

Over the Fifth and Sixth months, Moses was again on the mountain at Sinai with the Angel of the Presence. Moses received the details of the Law which was to guide Israel and the entire world through the years ahead, and which would ultimately control and guide the world under the millennial reign of Christ and the elect until they reached the end of the physical existence of mankind. Man was to be made a spiritual being and granted eternal life and thus immortality. We are to become gods as Christ was granted that glory and eternal life by God before us (cf. Zech. 12:8; see also the paper The Elect as Elohim (No. 1)).

Remember, Moses had come down at the end of the Fourth month to find Israel in sin and the tablets of the Law were broken. He slew the unfaithful leaders – some three thousand in number – and returned up the mountain to speak again with Christ and receive a new set of tablets and the full explanation of the Law of God in its entirety from the mouth of Jesus Christ himself.

It was the exposure to the glorification that God had given Christ in power as His representative to humans that illuminated Moses and made him glow with a radiance that was visible to all when he returned from speaking with Christ. This was the reason that the Angel of the Lord was spoken to by Gideon who said: “Alas O Lord God (Adonai Yahovah) forasmuch as I have seen an angel of the Lord face to face.” And the Lord said unto him, “Peace be unto thee; fear not thou shalt not die.” Gideon knew that in full glorification a man would die, and many had died when confronted with such a Being in power. Gideon built an altar there and called it Yahovah shalom meaning the Lord gives peace. The Being seen by both Moses and Gideon was the Prince of Peace who spoke for Yahovah Shalom, who was Yahovah of Hosts and the One True God.

Purging Israel of Sin and the Restoration
The Fifth month or Ab is traditionally a month of disaster in Israel.

The problems that arose through the failure of the Levites under Aaron at Sinai and with the Elders of Israel were allowed so that we might understand that the heresy of the Church is with us, even at the highest levels, during the absence of Christ, and is to be purged from us. The major churches that purport to be Christian have in fact adopted the very same system from the Sun-cults worshipping on Sundays and keeping Christmas and Easter to a Triune God (see the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).

Moses purged the leadership and returned to Christ during Ab and Elul for forty days. So too does the Spirit purge the Church constantly.

The month of Ab has seen God deal with Israel often, and the destruction of the Temple occurred in this month under the Babylonians. The Temple was destroyed and Israel was sent into captivity because they had not kept the Laws of God properly, and the land had to be given its Sabbaths under the Law.

Remember that during the month of Ab and into the Sixth Month, Moses was on the mountain again with Christ receiving detailed instruction on how to keep the Law and how the Law subtended from the Ten Commandments, and how it was divided into the two Great Commandments. On these two Great Commandments hang all the Law and the prophets. Scripture cannot be broken. God will not allow any diminishing of the Law in His Church under Jesus Christ.“ (cf. Ascents of Moses (No. 070)).

These two months represent the last years of the rule of Satan up to the removal of Satan with his rule cut short and him in Tartaros and then the Return of the Messiah for the First Resurrection and the subjugation of the planet under The Wars of the Last Days and The Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B).

These times are also in the sections on the paper The Fall of Egypt Part II: The Wars of the End (No. 036_2) and the Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272).

These time frames are also akin to the periods of the Mourning for Aaron which equates in the last days to the reoccupation of Jerusalem in 1967 over the Thirty Years on a year for a day basis with the last days of the Exodus prior to the occupation of the Promised Land. The Mourning for Moses equated with the last Thirty Years from the years 1997 to the Jubilee in 2027. The cutting short of Satan’s rule is expected to occur prior to 2027 as early as perhaps 2020. We will only know when the Two Witnesses arrive and commence their ministry of 1260 days plus their 3.5 days in the streets dead and the arrival of the Messiah at the Mt of Olives on the morning of the 1264th day.  Once they arrive we will know, but no man knows for certain when they will arrive until God declares it and they arrive on the Temple Mount (see the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)).

We are now in the Twenty Ninth Year of the Measuring of the Temple of God (Measuring The Temple (No. 137)),  which commenced in 1987 and in the Twenty Second Year of the Mourning for Moses from the formation of CCG and the mission given to us by prophecy in Jeremiah 4:15-16 to warn of the coming of the Messiah (see the paper Warning of the Last Days (No. 044)). Twenty-two years is a numerical completion of the Hebrew alphabet and has its own significance. We have seen the trials of the Month of Ab in the 22nd Year and we are now to prepare for the wars of the end and the great crises ahead of us. These times of Moses on Sinai with Christ in the Fifth and the Sixth Months were to point forward to the preparation in the last days for the coming of the Messiah and to get us ready to understand and explain the laws of God in order to deal with the world and to get the world ready also so that the elect are called out in the last days.  Until the saints of the 144,000 and the last of the Great Multitude are called God will not call an end.  The earth can only be hurt in any significance when the very last of the 144,000 are called and baptised. No antinomian can enter the kingdom of God. Nor can any Binitarian or Ditheist or Trinitarian or Sunday Worshipper; nor can anyone that keeps a false calendar such as the Jewish Hillel system or any false religious system such as Hadithic Islam.  Each must be properly baptised and keeping the Temple Calendar keeping the Sabbaths, New Moons and the Feasts of God (see the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)).  The nation of Israel and the tribes that comprise their extended groups are in a very serious mess.  Our leaders are a public disgrace and we murder our young in the millions against God’s laws. We eat every foul and evil thing contrary to law (see the paper The Food Laws (No. 015)). We are in a state of abject sin and God is about to deal with us and many of us will die. Only those that repent and call on the name of God and Christ will survive. God is about to crush Islam and bring them to repentance along with the nations of Israel merged in Japheth. Help us to deal with this mighty task.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General