Sabbath 4/1/39/120

Dear Friends

This week is the Sabbath of the Fourth Day of the First Month of the 39th Year 120th Jubilee.

Today we are four days into the Sanctification of the Temple of God. The study paper for today and the week is The Sanctification of the Nations (No. 077).

There is another paper issued for 7 Abib which will keep you all occupied with additional studies.

There are a series of papers to be read prior to Passover this year and the list has been issued.  Please study those so that we are all informed as to what is required.

This period of the Sanctification is important for all of you to dedicate or rededicate yourselves in the faith. 

It does not matter how many Passovers you have kept. Each one is a new opportunity to renew yourself in the Holy Spirit by cleansing yourselves and renewing the Temple of God and the nations so that we may renew the Omer count and renew ourselves in the Holy Spirit as we renew the count to Pentecost.

It is important that we all understand that the entire Feast of the Passover from the Lord’s Supper to Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread are kept for the full eight days and that if you do not keep the full feast at the assigned feast site then you are in sin in breach of Deuteronomy 16 and the requirements to be out of your gates.  The WCG was in sin completely from 1967 to the present day. The tragedy is that they did not understand because of their ignorance on the nature of God (see Ditheism No. 076B)) and the keeping of the wrong calendar of Hillel of 358 CE (see the paper Hillel, The Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C)). 

With the combined influences of the wrong Godhead, The Hillel Calendar and the wrong understanding of the Passover there are many in the Churches of God that have never kept the Passover on the correct times and in the correct manner and two entire systems being the WCG offshoots of all brands and the Adventist systems will not enter the Kingdom of God in the First Resurrection.

There are only a few years to go and many will not be able to repent and correct their attitudes in time. Unfortunately many may not be even able to recognise the Two Witnesses in order to repent and will not be in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Let us pray for all to be given the understanding and to be brought to repentance.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General