New Moon 1/10/39/120

Dear Friends,

Today is the New Moon of the Tenth Month Tebeth of God’s Calendar (No. 156).  Over the last four months it should have become obvious to us all and to the rest of the world that is paying any attention that we have a serious problem with the Marxists Globalists and their intentions for the running of the planet.  This week the new head of the UN has said blatantly that the EU and other powers should ignore democracy and the popular votes.  It is too late to stop the influx of refugees and migrants and simply ignore what the people are saying.  That will tell you what a world under a UN One World Government under the UN Agenda 2030 will be like.  The comments are in the following report:

These Globalists deliberately engendered this crisis and they have no intention of stopping it or of allowing any peaceful break-up of the EU.  It will come about by force and power and the murder of millions.  The Globalist traitors in the UK are simply astounding. They have tailored their lifestyles to take advantage of the NWO. They not only lie as they think expedient but they have been doing so for decades and it is now emerging just how widespread the conspiracy has been. One of the more amazing things is that these Globalists will attack and destroy by any means at their disposal any of the citizens that dare to question what they are doing.  More amazingly the young will turn on and kill those that organise to oppose them.

If anyone is in any doubt we will spell it out.  We are now in the Last Days spoken of by Christ where it is worse than the Days of Noah and worse than those of Sodom and Gomorrah.  There has been a period in the US over this election where the administration is so corrupt and so dishonest that they have manipulated the polling system and the vote counting and they are now about to try to re-rig the elections in the three states and have the recount in those states redirect votes to Clinton and the Democrats and engender a massive state of unrest in the US such that martial law can be justified.  The entities behind this situation are the Globalists backed by Soros and the puppet masters of the Banksters.

The Globalists are desperate to stop Trump and the Nationalists that are supporting him. This is as it was in the days of the Spanish Civil War but on a world scale with the Marxist Globalists trying to establish the last empire of the Beast and the Empire of Ten Toes of Daniel chapter 2. (See World War III Part I: The Empire of the Beast 299A)). We have to prepare to last this system out as once the War of the Sixth Trumpet ends the Witnesses will arrive in Jerusalem and the empire will last for 42 months in Jerusalem governing the world with intermittent conflicts (see The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)).

The inspiration as to what is to be done to this system is found in the prophecy of Nahum, as God dealt with the Assyro-Babylonian system as prophesied by Nahum, and we will see that system dealt with in the last days where they are all destroyed (see the Commentary on Nahum (No. 021G)).  We can prepare by adopting the Beatitudes in our daily lives and it is important that we reinforce those principles. (See the paper The Beatitudes (No. 040)).  In the paper to be shortly released (Pt. II of 135B) we will deal with exactly how God destroys the Assyro-Babylonian system and how He destroys the NWO and the World system using Christ and the Host.  This matter will directly deal with the corruption and Satanism and Wiccan systems of the planet and firstly with the Middle East but also with the evil that exists in the UN and the US and world systems in conspiracy with them.  The entire governments of the world will be wiped out and all of their corrupt systems will be destroyed. The entire English speaking system will be purged as with hyssop.  We had better be ready and have our act together.  The Churches of God that follow Armstrongism and Ditheism/Binitarianism and the Hillel Calendar of the Modern Jews will die and be in the Second Resurrection and so also the Adventists.  Be alert and repent and be ready.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General