New Moon 1/6/39/120

Dear Friends,

The New Moon is traditionally one in which God deals with His people through His servants the prophets.

This is the New Moon of the Sixth Month called Elul.  We have been through the Month of Ab and we said that the Fifth Month of Ab was traditionally a month of trials for Israel, and that was evident over the month. We have seen a large number of catastrophes over Ab and the world is now claiming that it is indeed at war due to the large number of Muslim attacks over the month. Indeed there were many hundreds killed and many hundreds more wounded or injured. Also the number of rapes of women and young people is alarming.

This month is the last month in which Moses was on the mountain at Sinai receiving the laws of God and preparing for the Seventh Month called Tishri and the Feasts of God (see the paper Ascents of Moses (No. 070)).
Last year I wrote a message on the New Moon of Elul and, as with the previous message, attached a message that I wrote to the WCG Ministry in Australia before their conference on the Nature of God and their declaration of Trinitarianism.

The Holy Spirit gave me to understand what was to happen and what these ministers of the WCG would do. Again this year a careful read of it will show the reader that what they were told did come true. They did exactly what I said they would do and history will confirm that they did do what was stated they would do. The ministry received the letter and one chap was warned of its contents and sent it back, but they all knew what was to happen and what was said and they all howled for my head and as a result I was disfellowshipped, in order to form CCG with the other brethren who also stood against them. Had I been Isaiah they would have sawn me in half as they did to him or killed me as they did the apostles and others of my family in the First Century. This is not the first time we have stood against apostasy in the Church of God and many of us have died for the faith.  Their defamation of the brethren simply increases year by year and their gossip and attacks on those who speak the truth are abominable.

It is now twenty-two years and six months since they were all warned of their sin, refused to heed and removed the messenger. CCG was then formed and had its first Service on the New Moon of the 1st of Abib 1994. You will note from the letter to the ministry that the announcement by Joseph W. Tkach Snr in 1987 began the measuring of the Temple and 1994 was the beginning of the Third year of the next cycle with 1987 being the Third year of that previous cycle. God always effects great change in the Third year of the cycles. This year 2016 is the Fourth year of the cycle according to the 50 Year Jubilee. Last year 2015 was the Third year of the cycle.  The Jews claimed that 2015 was actually a Sabbath cycle in the Jubilee according to the 49 year cycle which is contrary to the Jubilee.  Last year the rabbis in Jerusalem declared the coming of the Messiah on the last day of Elul and we dealt with that claim last year on the Sabbath.  The Third year is when God deals with and introduces change to the faith. Many changes have continued over the last year and we are watching massive change now underway and the wars of the last days will accelerate now. So also will we see massive political and revolutionary change among our people. The  UK has just voted to leave the EU and the Globalists are doing all they can to frustrate that activity and the US banks including JP Morgan and their minions will face a backlash from the Brits and among their own people.  The changes will see much affected and much conflict over the period from now to the New Year on March 28th 2017.

As we pointed out last year Christ himself was killed and the Church given the Holy Spirit from Abib to Pentecost of the Third year of the First Cycle of the 81st Jubilee. The 80th Jubilee year was the year of Christ’s baptism and test and the judgment of Satan.

In 1994 Tkach and the senior ministry were judged and sentenced and removed by their own actions from the Churches of God. The WCG was condemned and it and its offshoots lost its lampstand from 1994 and the new era started. The remnant of Sardis was formed with UCG in 1995 and Living or LCG in 1996/7. In 1998 the Sabbath year saw the First Reading of the Law in many centuries and continued in 2005, and 2012 through CCG.

This is the Fourth year in the Fourth cycle from 1984 and the Fifth cycle of the 120th Jubilee. The next Sabbath year is 2019 and the final Third year of the Seventh Cycle is 2022. The year 2025 is the Treble Harvest year of the Jubilee. 2026 is the Seventh Sabbath and the Jubilee begins at Atonement and goes to Atonement 2027 which is the restoration of the Jubilee and the return of lands.

We will see many more things happen from this Month Elul and between Tishri and the New Year of Abib 2017, as if we have not seen enough horror over the last year. It is likely that we will be at war before the New Year in the Wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets. The Churches have been put to judgment and the conduct of the ministry is not acceptable and we will see them dealt with and corrected. Indeed that is also one of our tasks.

The Six Thousand years of Satan’s rule ends in the Restoration of Atonement 2027 and the First Year of the New Jubilee begins in 2028. That is the Golden Jubilee or the Fiftieth Jubilee from Ezra and Nehemiah’s Restoration of the Temple. The New Temple will be built by 2077 under Christ at Jerusalem.

Christ will cut Satan’s time short by a number of years. The time sequence is explained in the paper The Fall of Jericho (No. 142). Before the Messiah arrives there is a period of 1263.5 days when the Witnesses will preach for 1260 days and then lie dead in the streets for 3.5 days. On the morning of the fourth day they are resurrected by the advent of the Messiah. See the details in the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135).

As we said last year, the arrival of the Two Witnesses will most likely be from the end of the Third year of this cycle in 2015 and by the 1st Abib of the Sabbath year of 2019. Hopefully we will see them by end 2017. The requirement of judgment and correction might well dictate the arrival and start of their ministry from end 2017. We have prayed that it be soon and each year we pray for them in earnest anticipation. In any case we might expect Messiah at the latest by Trumpets 2024.

Once the Witnesses begin to prophesy and to teach and correct Jacob that final sequence of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble referred to by the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 30 will be accomplished.

Over this period, as we said last year, God is about to finally deal with the ministry of the Offshoots and give it its last chance to repent. We have written publicly over the errors and in 2016 at Tabernacles they will hold it in the Eighth Month due to the errors of Hillel. They have one last chance to repent and they will need to repent before the Witnesses get here. Those who take that chance and repent will be spared and those who do not will be removed. The sheep will be torn completely from them and those who are left and who do not repent under the Witnesses will go to the Second Resurrection along with the ministers who do not repent.

Those of you who are aware of the history will know that after the formation of UCG and LCG and the others the uneducated ones of the groups including the ministry began to claim Binitarianism as the original doctrines of both the RCG/WCG and also the First Century Churches of God. They did not understand that the Ditheism of the WCG was distinct from the Binitarian Doctrines of the worship of the god Attis that entered Christianity at the end of the Second Century. That doctrine resulted in the incorrect placement of Christ and the Binitarian structure which finally led to Modalism and the Trinitarian structure of the Cappadocians in 381 CE. This process is explained in the papers Ditheism (No. 076B) and also Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B).

It is encouraging that a number of UCG and LCG ministers are now admitting that the Modern Jewish or Hillel Calendar was never in use during the Temple period and is wrong. Hillel II released that Calendar in its initial form in 358 CE and the ministry know that to be so and simply either lie or withhold the truth or deny there was Temple calendar, which is a blatant lie. The Calendar can be and has been restored by CCG and is available on the web at the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156) and the hopeless confusion of the Hillel system is explained in the papers The Calendar and the Moon: Postponements or Festivals? (No. 195) and Distortion of God’s Calendar in Judah (No. 195B).

The problem is that the Temple Calendar cannot be kept if the Nature of God is not correctly understood and taught. All the brethren can assist in that by forcing the ministry to acknowledge the heresy of the Nature of God in WCG and the Offshoots and then insisting on the Calendar being corrected.

There is no reason why the ministry of the Offshoots should not be joined together under the one doctrine, if they genuinely believe this Armstrongite heresy, which we know for a fact that they do not. We give them a chance to unite under the correct doctrine or unite under the WCG heresies. The choice is theirs.

Their eternal lives will depend on the choice they make and we will try to assist them to teach the truth at last.

As we said over the last two years also, Victor Kubic of UCG recently referred to a Church of God that was teaching prophecy and producing the historical charts and he compared it to Revelation chapter 10 when John was told to take the book and eat it and it would be sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach. He was correct. What we teach is exactly as it was referred to in Revelation chapter 10 and it will get a lot more bitter as we unfold the prophecy of God, unless he and that ministry repent and stop misleading the brethren of the Churches of God and prejudicing their place in the First Resurrection. They will get the same chance as everyone else. God is not a respecter of persons. See also the paper Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283). Pray for the repentance of the Churches of God and the world.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General