New Moon 1/4/39/120

Dear Friends,
This is the New Moon of the Fourth Month called Tammuz.  Why would the month be called after a strange God?  The answer is because it was in this month that Moses came down from the Mountain to find that the people of Israel had corrupted themselves with the Golden Calf (see the paper The Golden Calf (No. 222)).

Between the Third Month and the Sixth month Moses ascended and descended the mountain six times.  Each of the ascents has meaning and is of significance to the development of the faith. The ascents are explained in the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 070). It was in the Fourth Month that Moses and the Levites slew 3000 of these idolaters and the name Tammuz was applied to the month in memorial of Israel’s sin.

This month there are important activities in the people of God.  At long last UK is getting a referendum on June 23rd, on what they wish to do in relation to the EU. The Brexit or Leave Vote is gaining strength daily and the Remain camp led by the PM Cameron and embraced by the Scots is being exposed for the lies and deceit being propagated among the British people.  It is amazing that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are supporting Cameron in the Remain camp when they have never agreed on anything previously.  This is the last chance Britain has of saving its sovereignty and maintaining its economic independence.  We have been looking at a lot of information over the last few weeks and it appears that the British politicians like Blair and Brown and Kinnoch have made vast sums of money from their support of the EU.  The British allege Blair made 97 Million pounds and the Kinnochs made some 10 million pounds.  The British reportedly have to provide 2.6 pounds for every one pound they receive back in grants. UK’s territorial integrity is being destroyed and its freedom and democracy is under attack. It appears from the polls that Brexit will win although the electoral rigging that is underway by the Tories and the Remain supporters is a serious threat to the integrity of the vote.

What should worry us all is that after the vote if the Remain camp wins then the EU will attempt to form a European Defence Force from July and to do that the EU will force the disbanding of the regiments and the integration with the EU forces and their dispersal around Europe and under EU general command. The very close alliance of the UK and US within NATO will no longer be what it was.  The integrity of NATO will be impeached.

What is planned is that on 5 Abib 2017, or April Fools Day, the dispersion of the UK will be declared and the UK will be broken up into regional areas of England, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales. N. Ireland may well be integrated with Eire sometime after that.

What should be of grave concern to us all is that the major US Banks are interfering and trying to force Britain to remain in the EU and have even threatened to move from UK in the event of Brexit to Europe. The US should be gravely concerned that its banks should be interfering in the territorial integrity of allied nations and trying to force them into a Global dictatorship which cannot in any way be of benefit to the US or its allies. Also the US campaign is being attacked and interfered with by the same power forces.  It has just been released this week also that that the Democrat Frontrunner Hillary Clinton has placed the top or most secret names of undercover CIA agents on her unauthorised private virtual back yard server without password protection.  The server was hacked by several sources overseas and it is now reasonable to assume that these agents will be killed if they are not recalled. This act is in breach of the CIA Act (1949).
Please pray for the Brexit and also for the protection of the candidates for the president of the US and the proper election of independents free of NWO corruption in AU.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General