New Year 1/1/39/120 B

Dear Friends

We have been watching the disgraceful façade that has become the US presidential election.  It is obvious that the structure of the Western World is being destroyed from within by the Globalists and the demons acting within the frameworks their minions have set up. Our safety and security is at stake and it may well be that God is to begin to destroy our people and the parasites among us like these Black Cassocked Chemarim and the Sun worshippers and Trinitarians among us.

It should be obvious now that God has torn the face of this Globalist political establishment and not just in the US but in UK and EU and AU and CA and NZ. The obvious solution is that the demons that run it need to be sent to the pit. It is therefore a requirement that the Church prays that the demons that run the establishment and its administration in all branches be sent to the pit of Tartaros immediately. Please make that item the object of your sincere efforts and prayers so that the sanctification period begins on 9 March 2016 in good order and with strength and power.

Please pray that God implements His promise through Zephaniah and cleanses the land of these demons and the Chemarim and the Baal worshippers of all sorts from our lands. See Commentary on Zephaniah (No. 21i) at

Also ask that the Witnesses are sent to us soonest (cf The Witnesses (Including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General