Last Great Day 22/7/39/120

Dear Friends

This is the end of the Feast and the Last Great Day is a feast in its own right.  This day we will try to host a joint international service as we did last year and it is important that we understand the sequence involved in the process that are symbolised by these days.

It is important that our people all understand these simple facts.

We, the church, expect to be resurrected at the Return of the Messiah at the First Resurrection of the Dead. This aspect is covered in the paper Heaven, Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A).

We expect to reign for 1000 years from Jerusalem under Messiah.

At the end of the Millennium we expect to see the last rebellion.  Then we expect the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B).

After the Second Resurrection we then expect those who have been taught and brought to repentance to be then translated and all mankind will be spirits except for those that were allowed to die and their bodies burnt.

In this process we will then proceed to become the Temple of God as the City of God and God will come to this Earth and Christ will hand over to Him.

We will all become the City of God of which Christ and the apostles are the foundation.  This process is explained in the paper City of God (No. 180).

This Last Great Day we hope to share together by joint services.

May God bless us all and give us all safe travel home after the Feast.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General