Sabbath 28/7/38/120

Dear Friends

We are all back from the Feast safely and the feasts were reportedly successful all over the world.

This Feast saw China deploy fighter aircraft to Syria from its air carrier to join the Russian activities and despite its claims re bombing ISIS they are both assisting Syria to destroy the anti-Isis rebels who pose the more serious threat to Assad. 

What will develop from here is the alliance of Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran working with Russia, China, and other pro-Shia forces.

Iraq has given Russia and China air base support and very close to the US and Nato groups in Iraq.

Russia is planning to deploy 150,000 ground troops in the Middle East and will escalate the problems. The EU systems will be even more dependent on Russia than they were before and they will also depend on their control for oil in the region as well as in Russia.

Israel’s position has been made more tenuous by these initiatives.   The final actions of the agreements of September 1975 reached their 40 year anniversary this September and the Tetrad of 28 September marked the escalation of the bombing campaigns and the escalation of the wars that will see the war develop. The US both under Obama and the new prospective Presidents do not seem to comprehend the seriousness of the situation. This war will not go away no matter how much they pretend.  Obama has been virtually useless due to his conflict aversion or his intransigence due to his globalist and NWO backers. It is difficult to get a clear message from the US intelligence system as they seem confused as to their policy directives. Russia and China have no such problem.

Also the influence of the Big Business corporations in the TPP and other trade deals has betrayed the US and AU groups. None of them can be trusted. Obama has enabled these deals to allow corporations to sue and undermine national governments.  We will undergo serious degeneration in our manufacturing capacity in the US and in AU. The moves to take weapons of the US and BC nations is simple destruction of the defence capacity of the peoples of those nations.  We face a serious problem that is created by the RC religious system aimed at our destruction under the comrades in power in Rome and in Canberra.

Destabilising governments in the Middle East has been a disaster, as we saw with Gaddafi and Hussein, and it is assisting the demons to develop the wars there which will see a third of mankind killed very soon.

Consolidating Assad in Syria will not stabilise the Middle East.  It will force the Iran backed Shia groups onto the region and precipitate total conflict. The alternatives are equally evil and the refugee problem is a Trojan horse both in Europe and in the US and in Asia.

The four demons at the Euphrates are working very skilfully to bring it all to a head to kill a third of mankind. We will deal with more prophecy and Bible issues on the New Moon. Please pray for us all over this time ahead and work to finish the tasks ahead of us as soon as possible.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General