Sabbath 26/8/38/120

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We were intrigued to see the sheer extent of influence and the takeover bids of the Muslim community and the banks involved in AU and with US banks such as J. P Morgan.  Our society and communities are being faced with takeovers and the disruption of our society through what we regarded as Western Institutions.  It is important that we familiarise ourselves with what we face ahead and with whom we do business. It is enabled through the corruption of the banking and other institutions that seem to care little for anything other than money.

It is important that we realise that Islam is not simply a religion. It is a social structure that is at war with the West and any other social structure and we had better get used to the fact. We have to repent and prepare for the coming of the Messiah. They and all the world systems will be destroyed in the Millennial system under Isa or the Christ.

A colleague of mine also wrote to me this week and made comments on the system as it is affecting the Australian and other systems. We were discussing the ramifications of the downing of the Russian airliner seemingly by an explosive device placed in the baggage by an ISIS operative.  The Brits and the US believe that it was an ISIS operative that had penetrated the system at Sharm El Sheik. Indeed it seems to be improbable that it was anything else. Although it has been suggested that maybe the fuel tank exploded because it was not bled off properly or whatever the non terrorist solution might be.  We will have to tighten all security in air travel and indeed limit employment in the area much more significantly.

He was observing that Islam does not contribute to the normal social structure in Australia. He said:
“The Germans had a big enough Turkish population as Gast Arbeiten worked, paid tax, got some benefits but not generally citizenship...

Lockerbie went down to 100 to 130g of Semtex hidden in a small Toshiba tape recorder located in on board baggage! Interesting that some M10 guys and a suitcase of Heroin were located in the wreckage and over the Brit countryside afterwards. I heard they were to do a negotiation for release of hostages from either Lebanon or Iran can’t remember which.

Any country employing muslim workers/airport baggage handlers that are likely to be subject to extremist pressures such as in all of Oz must have a potential problem with explosives being secreted on board an aircraft.

Funny how we don’t have many problems with Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hari Khrishnas, etc etc and most Athiests but we have nothing but problems with Muslims.

I guess in reality they want to change all of us to their ways, slowly but surely as we give at every negotiation or confrontation and they never give!

How many Muslims do you see in Rotary, Lions, or any other community service organisation? They just don’t contribute much.

Having said that my Iranians were keen to be involved in Rotary and to do their bit! (They were not Muslim though)

Now we go on to the Bendigo problem.

The article is as follows:
The Bendigo Bank fiasco all started when a group of Bendigo citizens heard about plans to build a huge new mosque in their city. Knowing that a mosque would bring untold trouble, as they had seen happen in other places where mosques were built, they decided to get together and work out ways to oppose the development application.
They formed the Concerned Citizens of Bendigo group and opened a bank account to deposit donations they planned to raise from other concerned citizens.
But they soon found out that the Bendigo Bank is in bed with the Muslims. As opposition to the mosque grew the bank took it upon themselves to censor the protestors. The bank closed the Concerned Citizens account, stating that it did not meet the “Bank’s Community Standards”. This certainly raised a few eyebrows, because the Bendigo Bank markets itself as a Community Bank!
When news of the account closure got out over Facebook it created a huge backlash against the bank. To date, depositors have closed their accounts to the tune of at least $60 million, and many investors have divested themselves of their stock in the bank. The drain has not ended yet. In fact, it is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.
Meanwhile, the bank has stood firm on its decision, claiming the moral high ground. What a shame they can’t understand that we the People can see right through the sham.
In an effort to counter the bad publicity that its actions caused the Bank put up a statement on its Facebook Page:
“In response to recent questions and commentary regarding our decision to close an account. This was a considered decision by our Bank, and we respect everyone’s right to voice their opinions. Equally we have a right to ours, and we want to do business with organisations whose values align with our own. Our Bank values tolerance and inclusiveness, qualities which are an important part of a strong community. This is the only comment we will be making here on this matter. ^Jeanette”
This only served to upset even more people. They flocked to the Stop the Bendigo Mosque Facebook page to voice their displeasure. They also vented their anger on the Bendigo Bank page where some of the comments were, shall we say, less than pleasant.
The account closure prompted the members of the Concerned Citizens group to start digging into the reasons behind it. Working to the old maxim, “follow the money” they soon started to yield results.
While they were digging into the Bendigo Bank’s motives the Concerned Citizens group was not giving up. They approached National Australia Bank (NAB), only to find that the bank declined to open a bank account for them. Not surprising really, as the group quickly learned that NAB is a major shareholder in the Bendigo Bank through its wholly owned subsidiary National Nominees.
So Concerned Citizens went to the Commonwealth Bank. To their surprise they found that the CBA also refused to open an account for them as did Bank Macquarie, and Westpac —all claiming a values clash.
Account closed
Where indeed?
Finally their accountant offered Concerned Citizens the use of one of his accounts at the Macquarie Bank. But their joy was short lived. They quickly found that this account was closed as well and the accountant also lost his standing with that bank as a result. Their first inkling came when they tried to log into the online banking facility only to find that there was no account to log into. When their accountant asked the bank what had happened they told him they had closed the account. However, they did promise that they would mail him the cheque for the missing money.
A supporter has revealed that the Macquarie is handling the sale of the Rural Finance Corporation for the State of Victoria, and that the Bendigo Bank is the only buyer in a no tender no public offering tender sale.
The supporter also found that J.P Morgan had advised the Victorian Government not to go to tender. Strange indeed, until it was found that J.P Morgan is also a shareholder in the Bendigo Bank!
The Bendigo Bank started the ball rolling that has sparked a chain-reaction throughout the banking system. Now, all the banks have closed ranks to protect themselves against We the People, not understanding that we have the power to stop them dead in their tracks and uncover every bit of dirt on them there is. They have prodded the tiger and now we are baring our teeth.
Not surprisingly, the Politicians will only side with the perceived winners, and to date that has been the Banks. However, this is likely to change. We the People are uniting as the murky facts in this distasteful drama are pealed back, layer by stinking layer.

Mike Hirst, the Bendigo Bank’s CEO, tried to explain to Kent Baylay of the Gold Coast Sentinel in an “off the record” interview that was later uploaded to the internet that the bank made a morally based decision against a group they considered a bunch of racists.

Mike Hirst didn’t let the facts get in the way of his attempted whitewash. Like just about everything that come out of his mouth he appeared less than truthful, to use the words of Dr. Alexander Douglas MP.
Dr. Douglas deserves the title The Honourable Member for Gaven in Queensland for his revelations on the Alan Jones radio show exposing the extent of the corruption within the banking and political systems of Australia.

As a result of his revelations the true facts are emerging and we are connecting the dots. The Bendigo Bank has been lying through its collective teeth…and then some.
It transpires that the property that surrounds the intended site of the Mosque in Bendigo is actually owned by a company controlled by an ex-Director of the Bendigo Bank and Chairman of Bendigo Telco. Mr. Don Erskine with his son Mark are involved in the Brickworks development.
At first glance, it looks like closing the Concerned Citizens account was just a favour done by Mike Hirst and the Board of Directors of the Bendigo Bank for an old friend. Obviously, they wanted to silence any opposition. After all, what is the small matter of closing a customer’s bank account when weighed against a $4 Million windfall?

Next, the Concerned Citizens found out that the Bendigo City Council is about to sit in Chambers to discuss re-zoning all that land to high density residential.
The land owner and his partners stand to make a SUBSTANTIAL capital gain out of that deal. No wonder this mosque application has generated so much controversy.
Once the mosque is built hundreds, if not thousands more Muslims will move into the area. They will want somewhere to live: And where better than right next door to the mosque?
Perhaps this explains why the mosque application proposes such a LARGE facility. It’s not just for the few dozen Muslims living in Bendigo today. They are planning on building up a substantial Islamic presence there.

What does this mean for the local residents?
Well, as we have already seen, if your business or group dares go against the plans of this mob you will be targeted, just as the Concerned Citizens Group were, and told to take your business elsewhere. Of course, they will make sure that it is just as impossible to open a new business or bank account, as the Concerned Citizens Group has. Since being rejected by the Bendigo Bank they have been unable to open a new account at any bank in Bendigo!

The consequences, if the mosque is approved, will be catastrophic for any Australian businesses currently operating in the area. They will soon find that they are targeted by the Muslims in a concerted effort to move them out so that Muslims can move in. This will happen in a number of ways. Businesses will be broken into, people will be attacked, rubbish will be dumped outside their doors, windows broken, cars parked to block access.

If you think this is an over-reaction you only have to look at what has happened in other western countries. This is a standard practice wherever a mosque is built. Residents are forced to move and if they refuse their lives are made such hell that in the end they are happy to move even if they lose money selling their property. In some cases, people are killed.

As more Muslims move into the area traffic problems will increase. Crime will become rampant…Muslims are not exactly always law abiding citizens. They put their Islamic sharia law before any western laws. Their loyalty is not to the country they live in but to Islam and sharia law.
Noise pollution will become a burden on all residents. The call to prayer will be blasted out of loudspeakers from the mosque from early morning to late in the evening.
But all this is in the future.

The biggest worry for Bendigo residents today is the impending City Council meeting to approve the application to re-zone that all important land around the proposed mosque. If this happens then there will be no stopping the mosque or the subsequent destruction of the peace and tranquility of Bendigo.
Is this what Bendigo residents want?

We are calling on all concerned citizens to attend that City Council meeting and make sure that their objections are heard, loudly. (All objectors will be notified or inboxed through the Stop the Mosque Facebook page to attend.)”
As we see from the article this matter seems to be a serious issue for an entire region and it will become more serious.  The social problems will expand and will get increasingly more dangerous through the wars of the end.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General

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