Sabbath Message 24/9/38/120

Dear friends,

At last a breath of fresh air among the self deluded Muslim world that sees conspiracy in the most basic of terrorist attacks against the west.  The Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Issa has issued a TV exposure of the Egyptian media’s complicity in playing along with this bizarre Islamist propaganda that seeks to assert that the Paris attacks were a western intelligence conspiracy.

His presentation is of simple logic.  He tears apart the Muslim rhetoric that the people who attacked Paris were not Muslims.  The video and translations are here

He says simply that they were not Buddhists. And proves why they are Muslims whose views are based on the Hadith, and they are more devout than those deceived people who deny they are Muslims.  It is an undeniable fact that these people were Muslims and of a fanatical kind that were encouraged by the core of the Islamic societies in which they floated: in accordance with the Maoist doctrines of being like fish among the sea of the people as we saw in the days of Counter Revolutionary warfare as seen in Vietnam.

He completely ridicules the Muslim conspiracy theories that seek to assert that the attacks on the West are themselves conspiracy operations of the West and particularly the US.  He asks simple questions that are self evident to anyone not completely deluded by Islamist propaganda.

In refutation of the western conspiracy he says: How can they be conspiring against Egypt when they send us a million tourists?  That included Russia also at Sharm El Sheik.

He says also they give us over 3.5 billion in aid. How can that be conspiring against us; or words to that effect. The real problem is that Egyptian media is influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood and the people are too stupid to sift through the propaganda. So also it is being used throughout the West on the Muslims that would prefer to believe the rot.

Many Australian Muslims are now seeing just how serious and dangerous these fundamentalists are in charge of the schools and mosques in AU and they are reportedly moving now to get rid of the radicals.  On the last day of Parliament in 2015, Australia passed a bill in the national parliament to take the Australian citizenship off all people convicted of terrorist activities, assistance of, or organising, or funding terrorism, that had dual citizenship.

It is escalating now and soon anyone that is not part of the “run of the mill” system as an atheist or like views will be regarded as a threat to society.  What makes this more dangerous is that the traditional Sunday Trinitarian views will be seen as the norm and their heresy will not be obvious.

Muslims are even more difficult as they do not understand the Koran and do not keep its precepts.  They do not understand Christ in the Koran (No. 163) nor do they understand the requirement for Baptism (see the paper Koran on the Bible, the Law and the Covenant (No. 083));  nor do they keep the Sabbath; (see the paper Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274); nor do they keep the Foodlaws (see the paper The Foodlaws (No. 015));  nor do they  preserve the Calendar (see the paper Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 053)); nor do they understand Polygamy in the Bible and the Koran (No. 293)); nor do they understand the purpose of the Juma’ah (see the paper The Juma’ah: Preparing for the Sabbath (No. 285)).

Basically they have no concept of the faith and they are as bad as the Trinitarians they condemn.
Messiah will also destroy them and their false system when he arrives.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General