Sabbath 20/3/38/120

Dear Friends,

We have all been amazed at the corruption seen in the world of Soccer.  Virtually the entire world of FIFA has been exposed as a conspiracy to commit fraud through corruption over the entire world involving millions upon millions of dollars.

What is amazing is that entire nations will simply bribe their way to obtain a sporting event.  An entire organisation will conspire to participate in organised fraud and bribery and the world’s political structure will support them.  If it were not for the US investigations the whole rotten mess may not have been exposed.

We now appear to have evidence emerging that the awarding of the World Cups from France, over the entire period of the President Sepp Blatter to South Africa and Russia on to the Qatar bid and award were entirely corrupt.

These systems and their corruption strike at the very heart of the commandments of God and the financial welfare of all nations. These corrupt creatures have made money their god and they appear to have no ethics. They breach all the commandments in establishing a system counter to the express will of God. 
They then destroy social systems and families and they lie, cheat and steal and misuse the funds of nations and misdirect them contrary to the law of God. They are aided in this by entire systems and overpaid players.
The punishments are listed in the Laws of God (L1). At the very least they should be made to repay four times what they stole by bribes and corrupt practices.

What infuriates the observer is their brazen lies and cover up of the criminal activity. This immorality reaches into the heart of nations and it is now endemic among the poorer peoples as well as the wealthy banking and business sectors.  The political structure has become appalling and the nations are beginning to fall.

The misuse of the voting powers and the structure where inequality of the distribution of power has been set up in these activities and also in the UN shows what a farce it has all become.  In addition, for example, Qatar has set up a virtual slave organisation to exploit the workers it imports to build the facilities. South Africa is a disgrace with its corruption and misuse of funds. Some of these nations are criminal states.

As we press on God has pleaded with these people and they simply refuse to listen. Our task is simply to warn the nations that the Messiah is coming and he will deal with them after the Witnesses have clearly explained the system that they are to implement.  They will not listen to us and they reject the witnesses and then kill them.  They lie in the streets for 3.5 days and then on the Morning of the 1264th day the Messiah descends on the Mt. of Olives and then commences to deal with the nations in the Vials of the Wrath of God (see the paper Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)).

What we see in organised sport is simply another facet of the total corruption of society.  Once these national powers under the influence of Satan kill the witnesses and overcome this final witness of God’s People and the prophets they will come under judgment. They will come against Judah and rail against the cities of Judah as prophesied but they will be killed in the process.

There will be no civil administration not keeping the laws of God and God’s Calendar left alive by the Jubilee.  That includes all of Judah and all of the churches of God keeping the Hillel system and every religious system on this planet. The demons will be in the pit of tartaros and the elect will take their place.
Most of the world will destroy itself between now and 2024.  By the jubilee the world will repent or die.

The corruption of the judiciary has become the stuff of legend. There is no nation that is not tainted with it.

The abuse of women and children by Islam has become an international scandal.  Both Sunni and Shi’a Islam are a joke. Every thief and rapist in Islamic society is making their way to fight for ISIL.  The ISIL forces once were a majority national Sunni force.  Now they are international terrorists that enslave and rape women and girls and kill men and the women and children that do not please them.

The society is disintegrating because it has destroyed the Laws of God in the social structure and its morality is relativistic.

God is not mocked. The Wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets will come out of the Euphrates basin.  The Four Angels released there from the pit will assemble the nations to kill a Third of mankind. The ISIL terrorists are now damming the Euphrates so that the kings of the East will walk over dry-shod as prophesied in Revelation 16:12.

When the Assad regime is about to fall they will unleash the Biochemical War of the Fifth Trumpet and then the War of the Sixth Trumpet will follow and total thermo nuclear war will result (see also War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294)). 

The nations are now preparing for war in increasing intensity. Anything could touch it off now.
The flash points run from the Middle East to Ukraine and to the South China Sea and also to the terrorist influences in SE Asia. Iran is calling for the genocide of Israel and Erdogan of Turkey is calling for the occupation of Jerusalem and the Al Aksa. Saudi Arabia is calling for action against Iran. Prophecy says all who occupy themselves with Jerusalem will suffer the same fate.

Satan is extremely angry as he knows his time is short and he has to move now to destroy mankind.  He will not be allowed to do that and Christ will be sent back to save us otherwise there would be no flesh saved alive.

Soon we will proceed into the Millennial reign of Messiah and the rule of the elect from Jerusalem.  Mankind will be saved and converged and the world will be run from Jerusalem for One Thousand years and then we will see the final rebellion after Satan’s release.  Then all mankind will be resurrected and come under the Judgment of Krisis or correction when we will judge all mankind and the demons as well (see the paper Judgement of the Demons (No. 080)).

The demons will be judged by what we do and how well we do our jobs.  That is why Satan accuses us all the time.  He is the accuser of the brethren because he knows we will judge them.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General