Sabbath 19/11/37/120 A

Dear Friends,

The great financial crisis planned for the last days is due to happen. It was supposed to happen at the end of 2014 but the Euro crisis did not play out as fast as hoped. We warned of the crisis engineered to commence in 2014 a year ago at end 2013.  It is collapsing in Europe and the revolts at the ballot box in Greece will follow on to Spain and elsewhere. Australia is rejecting its conservative parties now in all elections.  The people don’t understand they are being deliberately sold out by the NWO.  However, they are beginning to smell a rat and are rejecting the behind the scenes deals and manoeuvres. 

The stock market will collapse. U.S. stocks are now about 80% overvalued.

Since 1802 (when data was first tracked), there have been only five times when stocks have been more than 50% overvalued: These bubbles were in 1853, 1906, 1929, 1969, and 1999. 2008 was also a collapse from a bubble in the GFC1 but we are back up again to that level and beyond.

Each one of those years to 1999 marked the peak of a massive, once-in-a-generation stock-market bubble.

And only two of those bubbles (1929 and 1999) were bigger than today's. It seems about to go in 2015 as planned by the NWO.

We said that it would go and it is about to go right now from the next few months.  If it lasts longer it may reach the 1929 and 1999 levels and the depression will be catastrophic.  It is planned to be that way and the collapse in Europe is matched by the downturn in China.  Australia is relying on China and is in fact about to allow China to develop a 175 sq. km. coal mine around the best agricultural land in NSW and Australia. They are being given the best irrigation facilities in Australia.  It is as it was in the days of the Kings of Israel when they assisted the Assyro-Babylonians to take over their lands and wealth through their own corruption and sin.  

Australia and Canada are lowering interest rates to stave off financial collapse.  The US banks have printed money and it was not invested to develop the US but sits in the banks waiting for the collapse so they can take over when the collapse occurs using the money printed at the expense of the US people.

None dare call it treason.  However, the people will rise once they realise what is about to happen.  The rich are buying remote secure locations for when that event happens.

They can run but they can’t hide.  This week we issued the paper Commentary on Hosea (No. 021A).  That will show the corruption and the source of the evil in Israel when they were warned by Amos, Hosea and Isaiah for the captivity in 721 BCE and what the source of their corruption and sin was at that time and it is no different from the present.

Pray that we are carried through this crisis coming upon us.  Send us the Witnesses and the Messiah, Lord God.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General.