Sabbath 17/9/38/120

Dear Friends,

In the year 1941 after we had declared war on Germany in 1939 and Japan had bombed Pearl Harbour we were faced with the fact that we had been selling pig iron to the Japanese and we were faced with defending Australia against the Japanese.  We were not only getting our pig iron back in bullets but we had to defend the north of Australia.  The British decided that the UK had to be defended and we could win AU back later.   Consequently the Conservatives (Liberal Party) under Robert Gordon Menzies decided that we would defend only the southern half of the Continent.  This policy became known as the “Brisbane Line.”  In those days the Australian Labor Party (ALP) was a different party comprised mainly of male workers and tradespeople, and did not have the same form of self interest as it has today.

The nation rejected the Liberal Party view and elected the ALP to government under John Curtin, a journalist/unionist, Forde (temporary after Curtin’s death in office 5 July 1945) and John Chifley a railway train driver (defeated 1949).  The Japanese were defeated with the first land defeat inflicted on the Imperial Japanese forces by an army of Australian conscripts in Papua New Guinea. With the US, the Japanese navy was defeated at the Battle of the Coral Sea and then at Midway and Leyte Gulf.

The Australian volunteer forces as the second AIF were in the Middle East in North Africa and after Rommel and the Axis forces had been defeated at El Alamein the Second AIF was recalled to AU to fight the Japanese. The forces in North Africa consisted of British Divisions, the Anzac Divisions of the Sixth, Seventh and Ninth Divisions AIF and the NZ Division and the South African Division and the Four Indian Divisions.  The East African Rifles had been involved in the defeat of the Italians in Ethiopia and East Africa. Tanganyika had been taken from the Germans after WWI.  After the war the Indians were given independence and the other nations were to be brought into independence. My father in law was appointed  to the East African Railways and Harbours and he helped establish the ports and facilities in the Lakes regions of Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Albert. Many such activities occurred worldwide.
The final activity before the full AIF returned to the East was the defeat of the French Foreign Legion in Syria which was the fight with the Germans against the Free French and the Allies. After PNG they went on to fight through the islands up to Guadalcanal and onwards to Japan.  These decisions and the Defence of our lands was the reason we are a free and independent nation to this day and the US/AU/NZ alliance is in force today.

The Liberal Party only regained government after the war when the next prime minister, the ALP’s John Chifley’s government, was defeated by the Liberals under Robert Menzies. The change occurred because Robert Menzies decided to abolish rationing and the ALP wanted to retain it for another couple of years to enable Britain to get back on its feet. Australia was sick of rationing and the people decided that they could do both things. The ALP was kept out of office for many years because of the Roman Catholic Church manipulation of the Labour movement and its formation of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

God gives us the leaders we need during a crisis providing we are acting in accordance with the morality He expects of us and in our case in spite of the fact that we had a religious system that ran counter to His laws.

The alternative of the Nazi system and the Japanese would have ended all social structure as we know it. We decided to rebuild Germany and Europe so that it could take its part in a redeveloped world.  So also we rebuilt Japan and

created an economic region in which they could survive.  The Russians, the Chinese and others had to develop their systems under communism and then emerge as transitional economic systems. 

The vision of the League of Nations was a disaster and failed to prevent wars due to the limitation in the thinking of the politicians and bureaucrats emerging from WWI and led to WWII. After WWII the UN emerged with similar crippled thinking and under the same religious system that had ignored God’s laws and created the dysfunctional society in the first place. This was because the entire world was still under the same corrupted thinking of the Morning Star or Lucifer that God had placed in charge of this age to allow him under his rule to see the results of his thinking extraneous to the Laws and Will of God. This thinking and God’s purpose in allowing evil was examined in the paper The Problem of Evil (No. 118).

God has specific views and laws as to how we should behave that emanate from His nature.  He puts us where He wants us and expects us to value what He does bestow on us. Nations as a rule do that and those that do not are punished and sent into captivity because of it.

Under the unequal treaties of the Colonialist and Opium Wars in China, Hong Kong was forced to be ceded to the British.  The Chinese never accepted the forced succession and took it back as soon as the date of the treaty had expired.  To sell one’s birthright was a shame to the Chinese as it should have been to any nation. Esau sold his birthright for a mess of potage or goat stew because he was hungry.  God despised him for this as we see (Gen 25:31-34).

Satan had established a system of Religious thinking on this planet that ran counter to the Laws of God and it was established from the Euphrates basin after the flood and was centred on Babel and became the Babylonian system of the Mystery and Sun Cults.

These empires were explained by God through the prophet Daniel in chapter 2 of that work.  The great religious system of Mystery Babylon was established as the religious whore of the Holy Roman Empire established from 590 CE under Gregory I called the Great. This was the empire of the Feet of Iron and Miry Clay. It was to last until 1850 when it was destroyed by the plebiscites in Europe and confined to the Lateran palace in Rome and the Castel San Angelo.

Over the period from 1850 it spent its time intriguing to destroy the power of the English speaking people who were largely Protestant.  The two world wars were largely to this end and as a result of its intrigue, but the prophecies were put in place from the rise of the Babylonian Empire at Carchemish in 605 BCE (see the paper The Fall of Egypt Part II: Wars of the End (No. 36_2)).

After WWII and at the time of the prophecies when Egypt was given its power from the Suez Crisis in 1956, the Treaty of Rome agreed to reorganise the world economic system into ten regions.  These economic regions were to form the final empire of the Beast based on the Babylonian system and run according to that system with its economic regions controlling the nations within those regions.  This system was to spend the last forty years of the Time of the Nations or Time of the Gentiles in reorganising and in 1997 after the Time of the Gentiles expired in the sacred year of 1996/7 they would then take over the rule of the world through these regions controlled through the UN and the world banking system under the World Bank, the IMF and the UN agencies that controlled the administration of the system and its legal frame work through the international courts.  The time constraints of prophecy and the time allocated to Satan would terminate this system but Satan has allowed them to believe that this empire will last longer than it actually is allowed.  It is allowed the period over the last Thirty Years which is the period understood as the Mourning for Moses from 1997-2027 which is the end of the 120 jubilees or 6000 years allocated to Satan as god of this world (see also the paper The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219)). 

In this reorganisation the US and BC are continually being eroded through the conniving of the system which is called the New World Order (NWO). Australia has been weakened by the religious system and the financial and banking system and its manufacturing and security systems have been continually undermined by the leaders put in place by these “behind the scenes operatives” that are concerned with its destruction.  So also has the US, UK, NZ, SA and Canadian national systems been undermined. The problem is that the religious systems based on the Babylonian Whore and its harlot daughters are comprised of people, the majority of who, do not understand what is being done to them or how they are being used. The tragedy is that the people within the systems are working to the destruction of their nations based on a premise that seeks to assert that this NWO or Globalist system will benefit them and that somehow they will be in a position of control in this NWO which is a trans-national economic system. The fact is that they are referred to by the NWO controllers as “convenient idiots” and they are despised for their self interest and national treachery.

The Australian Parliament has many of these quislings and the nation’s assets are being sold en masse to the Chinese and other interests for short term economic gain where their forefathers fought to retain the strength and power of the nations they are deliberately destroying.

The previous Prime Minister Tony Abbot was Jesuit trained but seemingly without any real concept of what was planned for the system. His removal was necessary and his replacement with the reported Opus Dei operative Malcolm Turnbull was planned long ago. The leader of the opposition was told by the Jesuits when he entered parliament on his own admission on a documentary that he would be head of the ALP and facing the 2016 election with Malcolm Turnbull as PM. When he was told this Turnbull was new in parliament. 

Since Turnbull took over as PM the following activities have occurred:

This nation is being sold to the Chinese and to other overseas groups by these opportunists and it is not accidental or simply stupidity.  The nation needs to place, by law, in its constitution, all its resources as unable to be sold to overseas interests by law. Similar transactions are being done in the UK and the US and in NZ and Canada and we must stop it from happening.

This is not just appeasement.  It is a deliberate selling out of the English speaking people by their parliamentarians often enabled through their religious systems controlled by others. The fact is that we are at war, not just with a band of mercenary pseudo-Islamist thugs, but also with the UN and the NWO economic system and when we wake up it will be too late.

It is not just an economic deal of benefit to the Chinese and which we can use.  It is an extension of Chinese power which China sees as its inherent right as the Middle Empire and part of its expansion program. The globalists who are for it economically are deluded.

As Geoff Wade of ANU has recently said: “China's national revival and its global economic and strategic extension over the decades since Deng Xiaoping, which Xi Jinping has rebranded as the ‘Chinese Dream,‘ provide a much clearer schema in which to situate the Darwin deal.

The ‘Chinese Dream’ involves the reassertion of the economic and political primacy that China claims it has enjoyed over neighbours for millennia. This agenda is now being pursued globally but most intensely in South-East Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Throughout the region, China is attempting to establish economic connectors through the 21st Century Maritime Silk Route and the Silk Road Economic Belt, the $100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the $40 billion Silk Road fund, the internationalisation of the renminbi, the shifting of its industrial production offshore and the various free trade agreements it has entered into. Hundreds of billions of dollars in Chinese funds are being invested abroad as the PRC economy and national power expand. Infrastructural investment and control over that infrastructure are key in extending Chinese power across the region.

A vast range of PRC state-owned (and state-linked) enterprises are busy developing their control over infrastructure throughout South-East Asia - funding ports, power generators, energy transmission networks, highways, dams, railways and airports. China already completely dominates the infrastructure sphere and thus the economies of Laos and Cambodia, and Malaysia is swiftly following into that camp. This economic control is a precursor and necessary condition for strategic domination of the region.

Ports are extremely important in this pursuit of regional domination. China has been making great efforts to develop and control Sri Lanka's Hambantota Port and Pakistan's Gwadar Port to the chagrin of India and is pushing to develop the port of Djibouti in Africa. Within Bangladesh a Chinese "special economic zone" and port are being developed in Anwara, Chittagong. In Myanmar, China has invested in a deep-sea port on Maday Island at Kyaukphyu, to facilitate a $2.5 billion pipeline transporting oil and gas to China's Yunnan province.

In other parts of South-East Asia, China is also seeking to dominate ports as well as shipping between ports, with Laem Chabang in Thailand, Sihanoukville in CambodiaBatam in Indonesia and Kuala Tanjung in Northern Sumatra marked for key development. Most recently a "port alliance" has been announced between 10 Chinese ports and five Malaysian ports. The "sister port" tie ups with Kuantan, MelakaKedah and Port Klang in Malaysia are readying further nodes in China's network.

Australia is the natural extension of this agenda and Darwin is intended to be a crucial link in China's new 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The Darwin deal will provide Chinese shipping and naval vessels with facilitated access to Australia, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific, as well as to Indonesia and PNG over the coming century.

Chinese control of the port of Darwin marks just the beginning - the so-called ‘dragonhead’ - of PRC economic domination of northern Australia. The aggressive PRC pursuit of Australian infrastructure in all spheres from ports to power networks to railways, clearly reflecting the strategic imperatives of the Chinese state, is matched in degree only by the almost parodic offering to the PRC's National Development and Reform Commission of lists of key infrastructure projects in which they might like to invest and subsequently control.

While the achievement of PRC economic primacy and control in Australia will be a gradual process, Northern Australia will be essential in the exercise and ChAFTA will be the merciless facilitator. This economic domination will subsequently and inevitably translate into PRC strategic influence over the country. The ultimate goal will be the severing of the US-Australia alliance, an end long pursued by China, as part of the PRC's intended strategic domination of the Western Pacific.

Those who believe that Chinese economic investment abroad is unconnected with PRC strategic aspirations need only look at the sorts of major infrastructure investments that Chinese firms have made in Australia - China Merchants' century-long lease of the port of Newcastle (proximate to RAAF Base Williamtown), Landbridge's century-long lease of the port of Darwin (proximate to RAAF Base Darwin, HMAS Coonawarra and to Larrakeyah Barracks), the new links between Qinzhou and the port of Townsville (proximate to RAAF Base Townsville), and a China-connected firm buying the plot of land next to ASIO headquarters in Canberra.

In addition, we have SOE State Grid controlling Australian energy networks and hoping to gain control of NSW electricity network assets which also carry top-secret ADF communications. Next on the PRC acquisition list will likely be the port of Fremantle (proximate to RAAF Base Pearce and HMAS Stirling). China's accessing of CYBINT, SIGINT and HUMINT intelligence through these new access points would present ongoing security concerns for Australia.

Every single investment by PRC state-linked companies has a strategic significance and we ignore this at our peril. For all of these reasons there must be great security concerns about the Darwin deal and of our almost unquestioned acceptance of PRC state-linked investment.”

We all say that the energy expended in denouncing critics of the Darwin deal as xenophobes might be better utilised in trying to understand the global agenda of the autocratic state that is the PRC and Australia's intended role within this.

In 1941 we removed this sort of mentality from office and we have to do it again soonest. If we are not prepared to defend our national treasures and liberties we deserve neither and to be slaves.
The media are enabling this to happen and we need to recognise the nation’s media and curtail its operatives.  We need to reduce the monopolies of News Corporation and the operations and reach of Murdoch and the multinationals. Our youth are being brainwashed by these globalists and we simply sit back and do nothing. Make a list in each nation of what is being sold and the industries destroyed and send it to your national heads. Fortunately God has placed time-limits on what is to happen so we will not be destroyed and completely eliminated.  Prepare ourselves for His coming Kingdom.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General