Sabbath 16/6/38/120

Dear Friends,

Many of us are starting to wake up that the RC Church is supporting the New World Order and the establishment of One World Government under a series of economic regions as foretold in prophecy both in Daniel chapter 2 as the last empire of the Ten Toes of iron and miry clay and the Last Empire of the Beast in Revelation.

We will issue a message on the New Moon of Trumpets in order to explain what the Jesuit pope Francis intends to do and accomplish when he goes to open the UN meeting in New York on 25 September 2015 and until the meeting ends on 27 September.  He will open the meeting with an address on the proposed new system.  This is the attempt of the whore attempting to ride the Beast in the Last Days.

This week we will draw attention to the machinations in Australian politics in the so called conservative elements.  The Roman Catholic Church has infiltrated both sides of the house and the cross benches with their operatives.

The Jesuits used the RC elements in the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to frustrate and control the ALP for decades after WWII and then in order to frustrate the socialist elements they formed the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) under B. A. Santamaria and kept the ALP out of office.

Many Catholics were moved from the DLP into the university political system in both NSW and Victoria.  The current Prime Minister Tony Abbott was a Jesuit trained Sydney University graduate who joined the Liberal system in Sydney in spite of his initial leaning to the ALP system.  The so-called potential Liberal Prime Minister in waiting Malcolm Turnbull was also a recruit to the RC system but reportedly into the moneyed system and he allegedly became an Opus Dei recruit. We will write detailed examination of the mechanics of the system in the near future.

The Leader of the ALP Parliamentary Labor Party is Bill Shorten who was a graduate of Xavier College in Melbourne and a Jesuit trained operative. He worked as the General Secretary of Australian Workers Union and the ACTU.  This week a documentary was published on him. When he entered parliament in 2007 he was reportedly told that he would be running for Prime Minister in 2016 against Malcolm Turnbull who reportedly was to be the leader of the Liberal Party and hence PM at that time.  He was leader of the opposition before Tony Abbott but was removed due to dissatisfaction with his performance and was replaced by Tony Abbott who was considered a far better attack dog. Abbott’s performance as PM has not been stellar and the likelihood of replacing him is being canvassed and events of this week indicate that his treasurer is preparing himself to slide into the Republican Camp of which Turnbull is a premier representative.

Why does Australia need to be a republic?  The people have only just had a referendum to decide that issue and the people decided to remain a constitutional monarchy. Moreover this Prime Minster is a constitutional monarchist.  Why then would his treasurer come out with no prior warning and declare the establishment of a group to advance the formation of a republic. This sounds a warning that he is placing himself in the Republican camp and also signals the possible moves to get rid of this Prime Minister and replace him with Turnbull and thus to curry favour with Turnbull for his own ongoing political future.

Why would they need to do that?  Why bother with the republic issue?
It appears, given the moves of the papacy, to be to prepare for the move to the New World Order and the Empire of the Beast. 
Firstly, in order for the New World Order to be effected, the Constitutional Monarchy has to be replaced by a Republic under a new Constitution.  Abbott is a Constitutional Monarchist and so in order to prepare for the events the Pope is initiating at the UN and in order to destroy the power of the British Commonwealth and the USA the RC political system has to be mobilised in order to destroy their independence.  So do we find the cities of the South will be shut up against the Queen mother and the prince? It appears so and Jeremiah 13:19 will be repeated but over the cities of the South in total before the coming of the Messiah.

It appears to me that there will be a move on the replacement of the Prime Minister of Australia in the very near future.  The RC conspirators will seek to have their Opus Dei operative in office to structure the financial moves to the NWO under the IMF. No matter who wins in 2016 an RC operative either Jesuit or Opus Dei will be in office for the transition so they seek to ensure.

As the Scots are wont to say: “the best laid plans of mice and men aft gang agley (often go awry)”

We will proceed to the Empire of the Beast but the demons will also manage to inflict world war on a massive scale over the same time while the world is trying to establish its NWO.  These schemers will manage to rule the world for one prophetic Hour and we will explain how they do that and how it all comes apart.

We will place all this together over the next month.  The period from 25 to 27 September and the period beginning Tabernacles to the Full Moon of the Tetrad in the Feast on the Second day will foretell major events ahead.  This will be the last Tetrad in a feast or at all until the coming of the Messiah and the beginning of the millennial system into its first Sabbath cycle.

Pray for our people and pray for the Witnesses to be here soonest.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General

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