Sabbath 12/4/38/120

Dear Friends

There are a series of false assertions being sent around that are designed to confuse the lesser aware of the churches of God or to deceive the Hamitic and Japhethitic people.

One such link has seriously unscriptural links that seek to divorce the sons of Japheth and the sons of Ham from the Sons of Shem and claim that the sons of Ham and Japheth are descendants of Cain and Tubal Cain and only the sons of Shem are sons of Noah. The drivel is published at It has no historical basis to it and refers back to Masonic tradition. It has no scriptural basis at all.

In the paper The Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) the sons of Noah and their groups are listed with their DNA.  The scriptural fact of the matter is that the genealogy of the nations was preserved in the descendants of Noah.

The strange comments re the female lineages on the false web sites are incorrect and the strange  comments re Boudicca and the Pendragons are covered in the paper Hittites in the House of David (No.  067C) at  Another equally incorrect claim is that Christ and the tribes are descended from the Hamitic or black group which seems to have emerged from the African American anti-Semite and anti-Japhethite hate groups.

Now we do not care if Christ was an Eskimo.  The fact is that God sent him to the tribe of Judah and he was to serve as the saviour of the world and God said so. That is perfectly OK by us and we believe what the Bible says.  We also know what the YDNA group of the Semites is and we know the origins of the female mtDNA of the female lines of the wife of Noah and what it was. They were from Hg L which is in African female lines. They are not in Israelite mtDNA.

The confused reasoning used to claim that Christ was of Hamitic lineage uses the following Scriptures.
Genesis 38:1-30; Ruth 4:12; 1 Chronicles 2:4-56; 1 Chronicles 3:1-24; 1 Chronicles 4:1-20; Matthew 1:3; Luke 3:23-38.  I was also given quotes for Daniel 10:5-6 and Revelation 1:15 for some bizarre reason in support of this false assertion and refer to visions in the texts. The people making these arguments seem to have no idea of what they write. Let us examine these premises contained in the texts.

Now the text in Genesis 38:1 shows that Judah’s first wife was a daughter of Shua, a Canaanite, but Christ was not born from the line of Shua but from the line of Tamar Judah’s daughter-in-law under the Levirite laws.  The fact that she covered her face was taken as an indication that she was a cult prostitute as a devotee of Ishtar or Easter the mother goddess which was her intent.  Near Bethlehem there was a Canaanite town of Adullam and Shua was an Adullamite.  There is no indication that Tamar was any such Canaanite and in fact took steps to disguise herself as one by veiling her face.  Tamar lived nearby at her father’s house in Bethlehem Ephratah and thus knew of the plans of Judah in going to Timnah to shear his sheep. This is rather proof that Christ was of the blood of the tribe of Judah.  The lines of Judah by the Canaanitess the daughter of Shua were killed and did not breed in Judah.  Tamar’s husbands died and Onan was killed because he would not give her a child. The third son was too young and thus she had sons by her father in law and thus the blood lines of Perez and Zerah were preserved free of the curse of Canaan.

The woman Rahab of Jericho was not of Judah. She may have been of the Hyksos or Hittites as the 18th Theban dynasty were Hittites and the Hyksos who were in the Delta until the 18th threw them out of Egypt and out of Gaza proper may also have occupied Jericho over this period. However mtDNA does not remain in the male line and goes out with the female line and it seems that these people are ignorant scientifically of the distinctions of YDNA and mtDNA groups. The texts in Chronicles show no evidence that Christ had Canaanite blood, in fact the reverse.

The next reference is to Ruth who was a Moabitess and her lineage was from the line of the daughters of Lot the relative of Abraham.  Thus they were Semitic. She married Boaz of the line of Judah at Bethlehem under the Levirate laws.  So also were the Levirate laws applied in the birth of Zerubbabel but that also involved a Persian.

The lines of the Tribe of Judah have taken other wives but they were Semitic.  David took a wife Bathsheba the wife of Uriah the Hittite, but the Hittites were R1B as we know from testing the lineages of David.  Christ was of the lineage of David through Nathan.  His mother was also of Levi through Shimei as we know from prophecy in Zechariah and the texts in the gospels.  Mariam’s cousin Elizabeth was the wife of the High Priest of Abijah and thus a Levite. Thus Mariam’s mother was a Levite and Christ’s mtDNA was Levite.

The lineage of Matthew Chapter 1 is that of Joseph and is not that of Christ.  It shows why Joseph could not be king and why Messiah had to be of another line and that line is contained in Luke Chapter 3 which is Mariam’s lineage (see the paper Genealogy of the Messiah (No. 119)). The lineage in Luke 3 shows no YDNA lineage that is not Semitic. 

It is important to study the origins of the nations. Most of the evolutionists don’t like what we say because the YDNA lineages all fit in to the scriptural lineages stemming from Noah and also show that the Links are much closer together that the evolutionists teach.

In dealing with the Semitic lineages we must examine the papers The Sons of Shem Part 1. (No. 212A)
Descendants of Abraham Part II Lot, Moab, Ammon and Esau (No. 212B); Descendants of Abraham Part III (Ishmael) (No 212C); Descendants of Abraham Part IV Sons of Keturah (No. 212D)Descendants of Abraham Part V  Judah (No. 212E); Descendants of Abraham Part VI: Israel (No. 212F);  Sons of Shem Part VII (No. 212G); Descendants of Abraham Part VIII: The Thirteen Famines of Rebellion (No. 212H). 
In dealing with the Sons of Ham one should read firstly The Sons of Ham Part I. at

The distribution of the Hamitic HGs is in 45a as follows.

Hg A:
South Africa

Hg B:
Central African Pygmy
Hg B is found essentially in sub-Saharan Africa. Hg A & B are most common in Africa and in African-Americans.

Hg C:
Australian Aborigines
These Hg C groups moved from Africa and the Middle East to India and developed from there moving into various areas of central Asia, which in turn became the origin for the entire Mongol and Maori Pacific systems. The Northern Polynesians are also part Hg O related to the Chinese and Malays.

Hg D:
Hg D groups tend to share a common linguistic system with those of Uralic-Altaic languages although many of those languages are also Japhethite lines of N and R1.
Both Hg D and Hg E stem from the YAP division (M145, M213) thus the occupants of both Canaan and Egypt were from a common YDNA root and that division, as Hg D, is found in all the Asian Negritos of the Andamans and in India and in South-East Asia, and comprised over 20% of Japanese and Tibetans and a large section of Sumatrans.

Hg E:
Burkina Faso
South Africa
This group is found mainly in North Africa, but with some found in the Middle East and Southern Europe with large concentrations in Greece. Many Jews are of this group coming from the occupation of Canaan and from the Mixed Multitude. It is also found in Egypt and North Africa. The premise is that it came from Africa but it actually moved into Africa and spread from there.

Hg F:
Forms the Root origin of the sons of Japheth and Shem and all other Haplogroups.

The Sons of Ham are dealt with in the papers Sons of Ham Part II Cush (No. 045B); Sons of Ham Part III: Mizraim (No. 045C); Sons of Ham Part IV: Phut (No. 045D) and Sons of Ham Part V Canaan (No. 045E).

These papers deal with the YDNA and mtDNA of African tribal groups and also the migrants of Hgs C,D and E over Asia and the Americas. See also the paper Mysticism Chapter 1 Spreading the Babylonian Mysteries (B7_1) for the development of the Indus civilisations from Sumer and Assyria.

Please study those papers.  You should find that the papers answer the queries themselves. The Bible is clear. Do not throw the faith away by listening to the unenlightened.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General