Sabbath 9/6/38/120

Dear Friends

We have been telling people about this crisis in September/October 2015 for years. The NWO is controlled in and from the US and the US is dumbed down. They cannot afford to tell the plebs what is happening. In September they are planning for the NWO and total One World Government over the period Sept 23-25-27. They hope to implement it before 2030. They have to do that as Messiah will enforce his system from 2027. It is for this reason that the Pope is attending the UN in New York over the period to end 27 September 2015. Francis is trying to implement a NWO One World Government and he hopes to ride the Beast through to 2030 and beyond.  The Bible says he will not and their system will be destroyed by the Beast before then. 

The Jews are trying to advance the false Messiah from 12 September 2015 as the last day of their Pseudo Sabbath year ending on end Elul with their false New Year in 1 Tishri according to the Hillel Calendar. We dealt with this on the Sabbath Message of

They are also trying to prophesy a crisis for their atonement at 22/23 September 2015.  The tetrads are also used as a signal point.  That indeed will signal a crisis but it will not be for the advent of the Messiah but rather besiegers will be concerned with the cities of Judah and Jerusalem will be affected by the NWO and the UN Declarations. The State of Palestine will be declared and Jerusalem will be marked as a seat of Government and Gaza will be demarcated as the seat of the Armies of the King of the North after they have completed the wars of the trumpets and returned to Israel and Palestine (Dan. 11:40-44).

The true calendar is explained in the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156) and the Jubilees are identified in the paper Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250). The Jews were dispersed because of their perversion of the Laws of God and in 358 CE they issued this false calendar under Hillel II. The Jewish Illuminati took over the Church of God under Armstrong using the Jews Kuhn and Rader and they, using Armstrong, implemented the traditions of Hillel and the false Ditheist Godhead.  The offshoots cannot be trusted.

The demons manipulating the Kabbalist Jews have to pre-empt the two Witnesses before they take up their positions in Jerusalem as foretold by Revelation 11:3 ff confirming Malachi 4:5-6.  We have dealt with this in the paper The Witnesses (including the two Witnesses) (No. 135).  These papers were issued in accordance with the requirements placed on the church in the Last Days under the prophecy concerning the Warning of the Last Days (No. 044) as foretold in Jeremiah 4:15-16.

The US Jews seem to be trying to support this treaty with Iran even though Likud does not and the demons are seeking to divide Judaism and conquer it.

The US financial system is planned to collapse from the institution of China and the Rimimbi as the Seventh Reserve World Currency in October. That will force the US dollar down and ostensibly precipitate a Stock Market collapse on Wall Street. The establishment cannot afford to create panic and so they dumb the populace down while the insiders divest themselves of stocks and the plebs invest on a no interest rate system by pushing money out of the banks and into the Stock Market and housing. The markets will collapse and the insiders plan to pick the eyes out of it all.

All commodities are under a price collapse at present indicating a scale-back in manufacturing and production.  The drop in palladium commodities indicates that motor vehicles are planned to suffer a downturn in manufacturing.

Australian banking is over-reached due to the low interest rates forcing people out of the banking deposits and investments into the Stock Market and housing speculation. The banks are over extended due to the fact that 60% of all interest only loans are made by investment speculators and not by owner occupiers at present in AU.  The characteristics of this type of speculation is that as the market stalls the investors will dump their houses on to the market causing a mass slide and the banks will not be able to recover their loans at full value.  This will cause a slide in AU banks and their liquidity and may force them into liquidation as the US and European banks have problems but the US banks are still sitting on the excess liquidity due to the Quantitative Easing under Obama.  They will step in and force other banks into liquidation and buy up their assets according to the plan. The plan is to create a disaster worse than the 1929 crash and depression. Only with this crisis will the world agree to a one World Government and a single currency controlled by the IMF and the World Bank. That is the real plan, but the “Convenient idiots” as they are termed by Rockefeller and the Globalists do not seem to understand or at least think they can control it.

At present Russian reporters are exposing the crises over September and October while the US is silent. There is much angst over Jade Helm 2015 in the US. When this crisis unfolds we will see just what these forces do.  The Russian media is covering the events coming up this September while the US media is a dumb dog and so also is the AU and UK media.  They either don’t know or they are bought and paid for and none dare expose the treason. Most of the AU media are socialists anyway.

The Americans are almost completely ignorant of the events taking place in September and October according to Biblical prophecy and instigated by the NWO and the UN and the Papacy. The whole world will give its power to the Beast and the Beast will turn on the elect and the nations containing the people of Israel and attempt to destroy them. However, do not be dismayed.  Christ said to us that we will not have finished fleeing through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes (Mat. 10:23).

The US may well prepare for the WWIII situation and invade the Middle East and declare war on Russia and the Ukraine, Iran, and Afghanistan and Pakistan and then we will see the problems with the Kings of the East.  See also the paper War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294). It is not expected that they will allow the US to be totally destroyed without an invasion. The events in NY City at the end of September may well cause them great concern.

The UN is launching this “New Universal Agenda” attempting to establish the One World Government. This is known as the 2030 agenda. The pope is set to launch the conference for the period 25-27 September. This is the launch of the Empire of Ten Toes as foretold by the prophet Daniel in Daniel chapter 2.  This empire will be destroyed by the stone uncut by human hands that strikes this last empire of the Beast on the toes and destroys it completely.  Messiah will then take up his position in Jerusalem and establish the entire system of government and destroy the antichrist and the false prophet which will include the papacy and all the church systems of Trinitarian Sunday worship and the entire Babylonian system from Judaism to the Eastern Mystery cults.(see the paper Advent of the Messiah (No. 210A))

This plan and program is the most significant step in the history of the world towards world government and the English speaking media and especially the US media are saying nothing about it.  They are incompetent at best or at worst they are treasonous dogs.  They could be spread one end of the spectrum to the other.  Either way, they will pay with their lives and we will deal with them in the Second Resurrection when we debrief them and explain what they did and what they could have done.  At present they are concerned with trivia such as elections or Same Sex Marriage and petty issues such as expenses, and whatever else passes as of interest.  They do not tell the truth or expose what is happening. 

Pray that God tears the face off it all over the next two months.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General