Sabbath 7/7/38/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath is the Seventh Day of the New Moon of Tishri the Seventh Month.  Today the pope will land in Cuba and he will be given a chance to deal with the Cubans, following on from his brokering a deal between the Cuban regime of the Castros and the US under Obama.  The reality is that the US religious system views him with suspicion and rightly so.  His political and economic views are virtually communist and in view of that he is viewed with suspicion in the US and also in the British Commonwealth although Australia has been penetrated to such an extent that the Former Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition were Jesuit trained and the current Prime Minister is reportedly an Opus Dei operative.  The Governor General is RC and the entire High Court are uniformly RC. The media are controlled by globalists and they refuse to print anything from anyone that is of an analytical basis that exposes that control.

Francis is allegedly not anti-American but he is not pro-American and he shares suspicion of them and their views and motives.  He is a Globalist and he is going to the US with the specific aim of ushering in the UN sponsored New World Order of an international government based on ten economic regions which is the final Empire of the Beast of the Ten Toes prophesied by Daniel.  That last Empire will be smashed after its very short but complete rule by the Advent of the Messiah after their 42 month rule of the Holy Land from Jerusalem and their administrative centre at Gaza and the cities of the Philistines (see the papers World War III Part I:  The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) and also WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B)).

Francis will attempt to shine a light on the weaknesses of the US system and the economic model that he says “Kills”.  He will go to Congress and then visit the homeless to draw attention to the utter failure of the economic system, in his eyes, to care for the vulnerable in its social system. He was not even a priest when Castro took over Cuba and the 78 year old has visited the remnants of the organisations that his church had tried to exterminate and apologised to those such as the Waldensians, who are in fact a residual shell of the originals and those replaced by the plants and stooges of the RC system itself. 

It was only 166 years since the Holy Roman Empire was ended by plebiscite in 1850 in the Papal States after a horrendous inquisition that lasted from 1823 to 1846 with massive persecution and it would have been far greater had the Papal power been more extensive. Mercifully they were not and it was this pope’s order, the Jesuits, that was most powerful at the time and ended up being expelled from many South American countries for their murderous intrigues there.  The details of the Inquisitions are listed in the paper Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Historical-Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170). The Spanish Inquisition that preceded it was ended by Napoleon in 1809 in the occupation of Spanish territories. Professor Roth’s account is also listed in the paper above. The Holocaust of 1941-1944 was simply a phase lasting also a time, times and half a time (1260 days) in the persecution of those who follow the Laws of God and the true Faith and Testimony of Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14:12). This was the Holy Roman Empire formed by Gregory 1 in 590 CE.  It lasted exactly 1260 years from 590-1850 and was the Empire of the Feet of Iron and Miry Clay foretold by God through Daniel in chapter 2.

The last persecution will extend for 1260 days over the period of the Witnesses which will commence once they get to Jerusalem and will cover 42 months from before the arrival of the Witnesses and continue over the 1264 days ending with the Second Advent of the Messiah.  That period will shortly be before us (see also the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135) and also the Advent of the Messiah Part I (No. 210A) and Advent of the Messiah Part II (No. 210B)).

Once Messiah takes up his position in Jerusalem then the subjugation of the Nations will take place under the end phases of the War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294) then over The Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B). That end time devastation will be directed against the nations that will be directed at resisting the Messiah and imposition of the Millennial rule.  The Churches of God will have already faced the First Resurrection of the Dead (143A) at the return of the Messiah and only the Sardis and Laodicean systems of the Last Days will remain to go through the Vials of the Wrath of God.  These are the remnants of the churches that have failed to repent over the period of the Witnesses.  These Trinitarian Church leaders will all face the Wrath of God and the leaders will be killed at the Advent of the Messiah as will all the church leaders of the churches of God of Sardis and Laodicea and the Jews that refuse to give up the Hillel Calendar and the corrupted doctrines of the Nature of God. So also the Islamic systems will repent or die. There will be none of the New World Order left alive and functioning under Messiah. 

It is important that every person of the Churches of God alive at present understands that they have to repent and get rid of the Hillel System and their Ditheist/Binitarian doctrines of the Nature of God. Following the false teachings of their ministry in the offshoots and the COG (SD) will not save them and they will then face the Millennial system as humans and the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne judgment (No. 143B).  Their gossip and character assassination of those that tell them the truth will not save them. Paul was a murderer and a torturer until he was called, but he had to repent in order to be saved.  He had to dispense with the teachings of the Pharisees in order to be part of the Church of God as did all the apostles, and not one apostle or elder of the Churches of God ever kept the Hillel calendar over the 330 years of the church until it was invented by the rabbis under Hillel II, or over the entire 1950 years until it was introduced by the heretic Armstrong and the IIluminati Jews Kuhn and Rader into the WCG.

This religious emphasis of the NWO and the papal attempts to ride this Beast is seeing a shift in the cultural emphasis from traditional cultural dogma such as abortion and contraception to poverty and exploitation.  This is the last reorganisation of the Babylonian system before it falls completely.

It is reported that a Gallup poll in July found that a sharp drop in the pope’s favourability rating (from 76% in February 2014 to 59%) was driven by disapproval from political conservatives, with only a minority expressing a favourable opinion of the pontiff (45%).

Ultimately, the pope is attempting to rejuvenate the church in both Cuba – where only about a quarter of the population identifies itself as Catholic – and the US, which has lost 3 million followers since 2007, according to a report by Pew Forum, and is losing more members at a higher rate than any other denomination. About 13% of all Americans, the report found, call themselves “former Catholics”.

The fact is that Scripture tells us that the Beast will turn on the whore and destroy it and that is being preceded by this move away from identification with the Whore.  Ultimately its harlot daughters will regroup with the whore because of the attacks on it but the NWO will develop a religious system that denies the faith and identifies with the god of this world (See also No. 299B above).

What remains unclear is just how far the pope will go to drive home what some conservative critics have decried as an uninformed perception of America by a man who does not understand the US or the free market system that – unlike many countries in his native South America – has created a robust middle class, albeit one that is under pressure. He has made many controversial statements.  The Vatican is doing its best to put a positive spin on this move to encourage the NWO system through the UN, and the position of Obama on the left of US politics will be played on.

Vatican journalist Robert Mickens, editor-in-chief of the Catholic magazine Global Pulse, says the pontiff cannot afford to play down his message too much in front of a potentially sensitive American audience, particularly after he called unfettered capitalism “the dung of the devil” in a recent trip to Bolivia.

“If he does that, he risks looking insincere, like he just plays to the crowds,” Mickens said.

Some US observers may also be rankled by the very language the pope uses to deliver his message, Mickens added: at least one mass, in Washington, will be conducted in his native Spanish.

But Guzmán Carriquiry, vice president of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America and a friend of the pope, suggested at a recent conference in Philadelphia that the pope would try to present a more nuanced understanding of the US, including in his discussion of economics. “I think the pope will make a distinction between the practice of financial speculation that led to the economic crisis shaking the US and EU since 2007 and to global economic turmoil and, on the other hand, the positive role that free market plays in the US, [such as] by creating jobs,” he said.

Carriquiry said he believed the pope would also touch on the US’s role in the world – noting that the “fight against terrorism is a priority but [that] the grave responsibility of the US in promoting world peace … is much greater” – and suggested the pope might praise the US’s rich history of accepting immigrants, while denouncing mass deportation policies that separate families.

Austen Ivereigh, a papal biographer, said he believed the main purpose of the pope’s trip – both to Cuba and the US – was to heal the divisions within and between the two societies, and that he would take care not to “pour salt on existing wounds”. “I don’t expect him to wade directly into key policy debates. However, I think there will be certain themes that are constant – family, ecology, the poor, immigration,” Ivereigh said.

The papal visit, he added, should be read as much by the pope’s itinerary as it is by his words, noting that a visit to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted, ought to be interpreted in conjunction with his planned talks with representatives of immigrant communities.  “It sends a message that liberty must also be open to the outsider,” Ivereigh said.

At the United Nations on 25 September, Francis is expected to centre his half-hour address on his sweeping encyclical on the environment, which called for the phase out of fossil fuels as a way to combat global warming and accused rich nations of recklessly exploiting poor countries for their own benefit, putting all of humanity at risk. This use of Global Warming to introduce the NWO as what is in effect the  last empire of the Beast as being man made is based on a giant lie but it will be pressed and God will ram it down the throats of rulers and people of this earth in the Fourth Vial of the Wrath of God (see also Global Warming Historical Cycles (No. 218B).

The pope’s speech is also expected to touch on the migrant crisis and could include the pope’s endorsement of the nuclear deal with Iran. A Vatican official has said the pope would meet with other world leaders during his visit, including Russian president Vladimir Putin.

There are aspects of the pope’s journey that are already stoking controversy, especially the pope’s decision to canonize a Spanish missionary named Junípero Serra – “the evangelizer of west in the United States” – who is viewed by many American Indians as a symbol of brutal colonization. Rightly the Amerindians are up in arms about it and it merely shows the Vatican’s arrogance in regard to the colonisation of the Americas.

 While the Vatican has indicated the celebration of Serra was a way to celebrate the achievements of a “Hispanic” in the Americas – therefore emphasising the US history was not always dominated by white protestants – others, like Mickens, say the Vatican may have miscalculated if they believe that US Latinos (whose roots are Latin American) would view a Spanish missionary as representative.

The decision to grant a controversial figure like Serra sainthood also seems to contradict an apology Francis issued in Bolivia on behalf of the church’s role in colonization and the harm it did to the indigenous population.

Any criticism of the US – however subtle – will also be interpreted in the context of the pope’s approach to Cuba, where the church has historically been fairly hands-off in its criticism of the communist regime and its human rights abuses.

“Francis related to and identifies with the Cuban desire to protect the gains of the revolution. The church is playing a very important role in Cuba as a shield as it moves ahead in this important transition [of having established ties with the US],” says Austen Ivereigh, the papal biographer.

Francis does not want to become a tool for Cuban opposition groups, Ivereigh noted – he is not expected to meet with dissident group the Ladies in White – but any appearance of glossing over Cuba’s human rights record, coupled with a harsh critique of the US, would likely ignite more conservative anger with the pope.

One thing that most experts agree on is that the pope is enigmatic: while he seems to espouse liberal values on some days, raising the hopes of progressive Catholics of a changing church, his staunch adherence to conservative doctrine proves that he is not the radical reformer many liberals might wish that he was.

His two speeches before official bodies – the UN and the Congress – will not likely completely satisfy the left or the right. A call for action on global warming and help for the poor will be welcomed by Catholic Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, but he could equally seek to lend an olive branch to Republican Catholics by speaking of his opposition to abortion and his view that the traditional family has been put at risk by the expansion of gay marriage rights in the US and elsewhere.

“He is primarily coming here as a successor of Peter and making himself available and heard to the members of his flock,” said Jim Nicholson, the former US ambassador to the Holy See under George W Bush. “That needs to be kept in mind by everyone as opposed to a particular political or environmental agenda.”

And while he will not single out the anti-immigration stance of the leading Republican contender for the White House, Donald Trump, his words about the value of immigrants will likely nevertheless be interpreted as a sharp rebuke of the New York millionaire.

For now, the Vatican knows that – whatever controversies and surprises it might expect from an unpredictable pope – there is hope that the pope’s celebrity will ultimately smooth over any rough edges. “The pundits can parse the talk to Congress and the UN but the fact of the matter is the wow factor is going to be huge,” one official said.

The fact is that Scripture states that this leader and this system will be destroyed by the very Beast system they are trying to advance.  The new system will be implemented over the next couple of years and last no more than 42 months in power in Jerusalem.  The false religious system will be destroyed at the coming of the Messiah and its religious system among the nations will be exterminated within four years of the coming of the Messiah.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General