Sabbath 7/2/38/120

Dear Friends,

Today is the 100th anniversary of the commemorative day we in Australia and NZ call Anzac Day. It commemorates the day of 25 April 1915 that Australian and NZ forces combined to serve together as independent forces in WWI and on that day they began the offensives against the Ottoman Turks.  It is also the 21st Day of the Omer Count on the Seventh Day of the Second Month.  We can look to its significance in the paper Omer Count to Pentecost (No. 173).

Whilst that battle was badly organised by British Command in that the troops were landed on the most difficult site and they lost the battles to a superior and well placed force, the force was to withdraw and regroup in Egypt and then retrain there after reinforcements. The Light Horse remained and the infantry battalions were then sent on to France and Belgium. There was hardly a family that was untouched by the losses.

We lost many people in both theatres.  However God used this force over the next two years to rid the Holy Land of the Ottoman Empire and establish it under British and UN rule in fulfilment of the prophesies of God as detailed under the prophets Habakkuk and Haggai (see the papers Commentary on Habakkuk (No. 021H) and Commentary on Haggai (No. 021J)). In 1948 Israel was reformed.

The British Commonwealth Forces formed an alliance with the Arabs and they were to prove useful in the operations.  The Anglo-Arab alliance was formed in the sacred year 1916/17.

The prophecies of Habakkuk were to concern Teman and the Wilderness of Paran and the liberation of the Levant from the South to the North as foretold through the prophet.

Teman is NW of Edom and Paran is west of Edom between the Sinai Peninsula and Kadesh Barnea. It is north of the port of Aqaba following the coast.  This was the route that the Commonwealth forces took in their liberation of Israel and Jerusalem in 1917 to retake Jerusalem on 25 Chislev 1917 according to the Temple Calendar based on the conjunctions with the Australian attack, after taking Beersheba (see also The Oracles of God (No. 184)). This began the restoration of Israel in the Last Days from the sacred year 1916/17 to 2027. Messiah will from this sequence come to the Mount of Olives from the period of 2018/19 to complete the task. The period of one hundred years or two jubilee periods of 50 years from this sequence will see Jerusalem and the Holy Land retaken completely by 2019/2020.

This was seven times from the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BCE ending in the year 1916/17; 2520 years after that battle and the beginning of the end period of twice forty years of Ezekiel’s prophecy of The Fall of Egypt: Pharaoh’s Broken Arms (No. 036) began.  These were the Wars of the Last Days as we see in the Fall of Egypt Part II:  The Wars of the End (No. 036_2).

The recapture was by the Imperial Camel Corp working with T.E. Lawrence and the Arab force up the Jordan system with the Australian Light Horse working through the west through Beersheba to Jerusalem working as part of the Anzac force with other nations. The battles are listed in the Commentary on Habakkuk (No. 021H).

These prophecies are being fulfilled in our sight.  Pray that we are given the funds and the people to complete the task.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General