Sabbath 5/4/38/120

Dear Friends,

This is the first Sabbath of the Fourth Month called Tammuz or the month of weeping.  This year the month of Ramadan falls in Tammuz because of the corruption of the so called Islamic Calendar.  This was achieved by the falsification and corruption of the Calendar by the removal of the intercalary month.  The Hebrew Calendar was corrupted under Hillel II in 358 CE and then in Islam after the deaths of the Rightly Guided Caliphs.  The Calendar has been examined and explained in the paper Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No.053).

This year is the Third year of the Sixth Sabbath Cycle.  In each period leading up to and in the Third Year the church is tested and those in it that are sinning are tested and removed from anywhere from the Sabbath Year to the Sanctification period of the First year of the next cycle on to the Third year of the cycle. Each of us should be aware of that sequence.  Many of those called but not chosen come into the church and are tested and removed over the period from the Sabbath Year to the Third year.

Many are simply corrupt.  Remember that Judgment begins at the House of God.  That final process began in the year 1987 when the last forty years of the Sign of Jonah began. That sequence is explained in the paper Measuring the Temple (No. 137).   The Sign of Jonah is explained in the paper The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013).

Most of the religious figures in all religions are corrupt. Judaism was corrupted by the traditions and the false Hillel Calendar.  The Christian system was corrupted from the Second century through the festivals of Ishtar and the Binitarian structure of the god Attis (see the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235) and Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B)).  So also the Liberation Theologies have developed from the Indian systems. These systems are explained in the works on Mysticism (No. B7_A) and (No. B7_6) ff.

In these last days the religious systems of the world will be reorganised around a series of false doctrines.  The Universalists are extending the system now into same sex relationships and the RC church is attempting to recover its position through Global Warming structures and distancing itself from its homosexuality and perversion.

None of it will succeed.  The attacks made on the prophets and apostles will simply escalate but to no effect. In the last days it will be worse than the worst days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Many of the hypocrites of the religions of the last days, including both Imams and also Priests and Rabbis,
cover the corruption of their systems in theft and misappropriation and robbing the widows and orphans and the poor and failing to provide for the health of the nations by preaching against the sexuality of the heterosexual society when being involved in its perversions themselves.

The political systems are corrupt and they spend much of their time finding smaller and smaller sins to condemn so that their corruption is swept under the rug.

It does not seem to matter where you go as the societies are corrupt.  The evil of the Daesch or ISIL system is serious and worse than the murder in the US gun controlled populace, but both are evil.

Africa concentrates on sex when it is entirely corrupt and robs charities to feed its police and corrupt politicians.

We have not far to go until we reach the witnesses and then we will know the exact day and hour and month and year that the Messiah will be sent to stamp out this whole rotten mess. No man knows when they will be sent but once they take up their positions in Jerusalem we will know exactly when our time is at hand.

The adversary will send us counterfeits in the meantime.  Whilst we expect the Witnesses in the month of Abib and Messiah in the Day of Trumpets the adversary may well send the counterfeits in Tishri according to Hillel and the false Calendar.  By declaring Hillel correct and then declaring themselves as Elijah and Enoch they set up the false system and place themselves five months ahead of God’s Witnesses and reinforce the false calendar in Judah.  If it were possible they would deceive even the very elect.  Make sure that we understand what is expected of the Witnesses (see the Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135) and also what God’s True Calendar is; see the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)).

I was fascinated recently when I was faced with some ministry of one of the churches of God that refused absolutely to acknowledge that Hillel (ca 358 CE) was not the correct calendar and could not be and was not used by Christ and the apostles and did not enter the Church of God until Armstrong in the Twentieth Century. It is those of such delusion that will be deceived by the false system of Satan. The fact is that many of the offshoots know it is all false and go along with it for the money. However, their lies are a big pit that may prevent them from climbing out when the Witnesses get here and the brethren they deceived will become stuck in the deception.

Over this period some have been swept into deception and many are tempted.  However, If God wants you he will deal with you and those deceiving you.  I noticed that some were swept into delusion this year. A couple did away with the sanctification and by Passover they had been sucked in by plants we had removed years ago in the Sabbath year two cycles ago and they then began keeping the Lord’s Supper ritual on the 3PM Death of the Lamb Service and managed to delude a couple of others that had cut themselves adrift years ago.  Once you lose sight of the faith and the Church of God when God is dealing with you then you can be taken right out and a lot faster than you think. The lesson is to hold fast and if you have to stand alone then do so. 

One example of how serious it is was driven home to one of our ministers recently. The SDA elders were trying to get him to go to the SDA church in his region and teach there.  He was tempted and resolved in his heart when the elders left yet again to go and teach there and perhaps he would gain an audience.  Within a short time of them leaving his house he was called to the hospital and when he arrived his granddaughter was dying.  He became alarmed and he skyped the General Secretary in charge of his area and told him what had happened.  They both prayed and he went back to the hospital.  He was given the understanding that this was for his lesson and when he went back to the hospital his granddaughter had commenced breathing properly and was conscious and he was given the understanding that she lived because he had repented. This is not a game that we are playing and God puts you where He wants you.  In the same way if you sin and are a problem then God will remove you. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Pray for each other and make sure that we do not make errors and are taken out of the faith.  More importantly don’t cause another of the faith to stumble as it is better for you if you do that a mill stone were tied around your neck and you were cast into the sea.

We are now in the ascents of Moses in the build up to the Feast. Make sure you are sound and let no man steal your crown.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General