Sabbath Message 2/10/38/120

Dear Friends,

For many years now we have agonised over the offshoots of the Churches of God and the fact that they have all been keeping the wrong Calendar and they will not repent. It is our task to warn them of these errors. Also God has instructed us to warn them and all the nations of the coming of the Messiah. God said this through the prophet Jeremiah when Judah was first sent into captivity and He set us aside before we were born to do this job, as we are told through the prophet at Jeremiah 4:15-16. This is explained the paper Warning of the Last Days (No. 044).

We understood our task and it is being done to the best of our ability.  Very soon God will send the prophets Enoch and Elijah to preach and stand before the god of this world at Jerusalem.  These two prophets have known performance in the matter of dealing with the false priests and prophets of the Babylonian system of the sun god Baal and Ashtoreth or Ishtar or Easter.  Elijah killed the 450 priests of Baal and then all their worshippers or as many as could get into the one building. He will do exactly the same this time around and they will begin to die all over the world.

So also Enoch is the ancestor of every living person on the planet and he stood as witness against the fallen host for hundreds of years and he was not for God took him. God took him in the Merkabah Chariot and brought him forward in time to pick up Elijah and then brought them both forward in time to the point where they will witness at Jerusalem before Satan and the demons and the false Babylonian system (See the paper The Witnesses (Including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)).

We can expect that the two greatest prophets and most spiritually powerful people chosen by God to deal with the entire planet both spiritual and physical will not be playing games and they will start where we would expect them to and that is at the House of God.  The Measuring of the Temple (No. 137) was commenced at the beginning of “this generation” mentioned by Christ in Matthew 24:34; Mark 13:30, Luke 21:32) which was announced by the head of the COG in 1987 much as Caiaphas had done regarding Christ and the judgment of Judah.  Their leaders were scattered and the key elements were killed but the subordinate leaders were kept for judgment and they and all their ministry will be destroyed by Enoch and Elijah unless they repent immediately.

It may seem as strange that the first thing they do is to clean out the ministry of the Churches of God but they will give them the first Passover period to clean up their act and we will explain how it will happen.

Before they will take up positions in Jerusalem the wars of the Fifth and the Sixth Trumpet must be undertaken.  The Fundamentalist Islamic forces will escalate the Biochemical war of the Fifth Trumpet and will progress from using chemical agents in the Middle East and escalate the war into Europe with the location of weapons of mass destruction in use and mass explosive devices from now through 2016.  Their aim will be to destroy the European centres and the city of Rome and the Vatican. They will succeed in doing this over a protracted War of Mass Destruction that goes to the War of the Sixth Trumpet. This great war continues over 2016 and the King of the North will occupy Jerusalem through Gaza from the coast.

The news from the East and the North that will alarm the King of the North will send him out to utterly exterminate many.  From the return of the King of the North to the Middle East after the thermo-nuclear war and the deployment of EMP weapons that will cripple the IT capacities of the world the world will be controlled from the Middle East.

The dispersal of the Muslim population will ensure that the war continues on and ultimately Europe will be destroyed and the papacy will be evicted from the Vatican and move to Jerusalem.  They will be met there with the Two Witnesses.

Over this time from 2016 to 2020 we will see the 1260 days of the Witnesses following the wars from 2016.  Then the two Witnesses will be killed and lie in the streets for 3.5 days and then in the morning of the Fourth Day they will be resurrected by the Messiah.

During the ministry of the Witnesses the world will be tormented by truth.  The Ministry will be cleaned out and the rabbis and the structure of Judah will be cleaned out. The followers of the Hillel calendar will be ruthlessly punished both in Judah and most of all among the Churches of God. Those who say they are Jews and are not will be made to bow down before the Church of God of the Philadelphians and they will take instruction from them and the Witnesses and then after the Resurrection by the elect priesthood of Melchisedek. The world grows to hate them because of their unflinching devotion to the Word of God.  The apostasy that is the Hillel calendar and the Babylonian Intercalations is covered in Hillel, Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C).

The entire Sunday worshipping Trinitarian system of the Sun cults will be slowly destroyed and their adherents along with the rest of the cults of Mystery Babylon will be punished with the plagues of Egypt and there will be no rain in due season except at the command of the Witnesses.

The world will try to kill them but as they seek to kill them they themselves are killed as we are told in Revelation 11:3-13.  On the evening of the 1260th day they are killed as God has foretold.

The people of the world will throw a great party which is the equivalent of the Christmas and Easter parties combined.  The joy is short-lived and Messiah is upon them on the morning of the 1264th day. This then begins the culmination of the destruction of the power of the world under the Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B).  The sequence of these wars will continue in another message.  However, the destruction of Europe as a result of the wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpet and then the Vials of the Wrath of God continue on until 2025 when the Treble Harvest of the Jubilee is undertaken.  By 2027 all that is left of Israel and Assyria will have moved from the North into the Middle East and occupied both Assyria and Israel, with Israel occupying from the Euphrates to the River of Egypt.

The entire system of Islam will be corrected and they will be keeping the Temple Calendar and every single Muslim fundamentalist adult that does not follow the Scriptures and is not baptised will be put to death.

Then the world will be rebuilt under the Messiah and the elect and run according to the laws of God and the Temple Calendar.  Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem until their lands are rebuilt in Europe.

In 2028 the world will be reorganised under the Millennial system and our future will expand and grow.

We will issue a prophetic chart for the 1264 days from the Witnesses to the coming of the Messiah and then the wars of the Vials of the Wrath of God.  This sequence does not need to happen but due to man’s wilful disobedience it unfortunately will happen.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General.