Sabbath 2/6/38/120

Dear Friends,

In this month we enter the period in which there are many serious problems planned by the NWO and which will accelerate problems in the Middle East and economically Worldwide.  September and October will be used to establish the Seventh Reserve Currency of the Rimimbi and in that process there will be further destabilisation of the US system.  China’s consecutive devaluations have problems both for Australia and the US.

We don’t really know what is to happen and we can only guess at US reactions. It appears that the US will react to further destabilisation and it is being advanced that the operation Jade Helm is in fact to ensure controls are in place over this period.  Who knows what madness the NWO has in store for us all.

Over this month Israel was given the final instructions for the Laws of God and Moses descended for the last time to await the New moon of the Seventh Month so that the preparation for Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles could take place. These events are covered on the paper Ascents of Moses (No. 070).

We really need to look at what our different legislative and administrative systems have become and how corrupt we really are.  Even president Carter declared the US system badly broken and a joint system run by two parties who were the same and utterly corrupt being able to be bought by corporate lobbies. The same sentiments were publicly stated by Donald Trump on the Fox news debate and they did not deny it because they thought Fox news had set him up and he would be destroyed.  He was not and the US people are starting to wake up to all of them and how utterly corrupt the system is and not only there but all over the world including AU and UK and all of Europe and Africa and South America and Asia. Even the penguins in Antarctica are suspect.

Over the next ten years the world will collapse and the Messiah will have to be sent by God “to save those who eagerly await him.”

We can now see Pope Francis positioning the Religious Whore to aid the beast in establishing the One World Government under the New World Order.  He knows he has not long to go and all the Fallen Host knows their time is short.  He is trying to save his system by integrating it into the Empire of the Beast.

That is the reason why he is backing the Global Warming scam so that they can introduce legislation that shackles all humanity and takes away their freedoms and democracy.  He does not realise that his system will be used to amalgamate the harlot daughters of the Sunday Worshipping Trinitarian Whore and then they will be turned on and destroyed by the very Beast it seeks to ride. Islam will also be used in that sequence. The sequence was dealt with in the papers WWIII Part I: The Beast (No.299A) and WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B).

The period from September through to Passover will be used to set the scene for the transition to the New World order and also NATO is now preparing for war with Russia over the Ukraine.  NATO will also enter the Middle East and occupy the areas over Syria and Iraq and will turn its attention to Iran which will move on in the conflict.

As these problems emerge, do not be drawn into violence but rather prepare yourselves to wait out the conflicts and to survive.

Pray that we are all able to help one another and to be an example to all for the faith.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General