New Moon Message 1/10/38/120

Dear Friends,

This is a reply to a letter from a member of the LCG making query regarding LCG and other COG doctrines.  It is being published for the benefit of others who are concerned with these doctrines and for the benefit of others who I will be speaking to today in Australia regarding admission to CCG and the doctrines of the WCG offshoots and how they actually differ from us and the early Churches of God.  One will observe how in 2016 they are not just out by a day or so they are out by a month in each of the months due to the Babylonian intercalations.

Dear ...,

As you were told, I was in the WCG before it finally collapsed theologically. I warned them of their faulty theology and warned them of their descent into Trinitarianism, which they tried to tell me they were not following. However, they admit in the badly misnomered work “Transformed by Truth” that they were warned but do not mention me by name.  They knew exactly what they were doing and they did it systematically involving deliberate cognitive dissonance.

One of my relatives is actually a senior officer of LCG and I am aware of the doctrines and theology of the LCG in some detail as well as other offshoots.

We do not pay our ministry as a rule and so we have very few of the paid ministry of WCG in CCG.  Although they can be paid and some have worked for us, but we will not allow paid officers of CCG to hold positions on the board. That does not seem to suit them.

We are approached by members of LCG on a regular basis with a view to membership from all over the world and so also with UCG etc. There are a number of them in your nation.

You specifically query our position on Born Again.  The paper is fairly specific and the Church of God has always had these views until the false Prophet Herbert Armstrong introduced a series of serious errors in the COG system. See the paper False Prophecy (No. 269) for an appraisal of Herbert Armstrong’s issuance of false prophecy over the years.

If you study the papers Born Again (No. 172), The Spirit of Adoption (No. 034) and also the paper The Holy Spirit (No. 117) you will get an overview of what is happening in relation to the process of being born again.

WCG Born Again Doctrine was constructed so as to confer the status of Born Again after Resurrection so that the Church could maintain control over the members throughout their lifetimes.  So also the Doctrine of the Third Resurrection was constructed so that all members could be controlled and kept within the church tithing.  See the paper The Fallacy of the Third Resurrection (No. 166).  In the same way the Place of Safety Doctrine was created erroneously to reassure the brethren that they would not face the many problems that emerged from Biblical Doctrine. See the paper The Place of Safety (No. 194).

The major errors of WCG were in the doctrines of the Nature of God and the Calendar. Both of these false doctrines are held by LCG and UCG and most of the other offshoots.

Study the papers Ditheism (No. 076B) , Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B), Original Doctrines of the Christian Faith (No. 088), Binitarianism and Trinitarianism (No. 076)  You will see by a search on the CCG site that there are many papers and Sabbath Messages on the Nature of God. So also are there on the Calendar.

The Original Calendar in use in the Temple Period was also taken over by the Churches of God.  It is listed in the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156).
The restoration of the Jubilees and Sabbath system was undertaken by CCG based on lengthy study.  The relevant paper is Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250).

The Passover doctrines in WCG re 14 Abib were also completely erroneous and the Lord’s Supper in 30 CE was on 14 Abib and the Passover was on 15 Abib for which the lambs were killed each year from 3 PM on 14 Abib when Christ died.  The relevant papers are Timing of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection (No. 159) and the Passover (No. 98).

After the Jews were removed from the Levant and Jerusalem in 70 CE they were taken over by the Pharisees and moved to Jamnia. Through their traditions they corrupted the calendar and the record of much of the corruption is in the Mishnah, compiled ca 200 CE.  They based their post Temple Calendar on observations so they could enforce their postponement systems as they developed them.

In the year 344 two Babylonian rabbis came to chief Rabbi Hillel II and brought him the Babylonian intercalations and the Jews then used them to develop the Postponement systems of the Rabbinical traditions and in 358 CE Hillel II issued the Hillel or Modern Jewish Calendar.  The entire church system even the Trinitarian systems did not accept this new calendar as they had been following the conjunctions for 328 years since the death of Christ. We kept on following the correct calendar until the mid Twentieth Century when Armstrong and Dugger introduced the Hillel calendar to the Churches of God.  The only other case that had happened was in the 19th century in Transylvania among a small group of Judaisers who converted to Judaism.

The Hillel system through the Babylonian intercalations is out by a month in a number of years in every 19 year cycle. We will publish that detail this week in a paper dealing with them.   In 2016 the Hillel and WCG and the Offshoots will be a month out due to erroneous Babylonian intercalation and they will keep the Passover on the wrong day in the Second Month and Pentecost in the wrong month and Tabernacles in the Eight Month as well as Trumpets and Atonement which is a major sin. 

The Ministry of WCG all knew of the postponements and they withheld the details of them as a rule and they still do so.  The postponements are covered in the paper The Calendar and the Moon: Postponements or Festivals (No. 195). This paper was actually co authored with me by a WCG minister and they all had this understanding. Most knew it was wrong.

The Jews also made a series of errors over the 2000 years and they also tried to destroy the calendar by their traditions as we see in the paper Distortion of God’s Calendar in Judah (No. 195B).  They were still adjusting their calendar up until the Twelfth Century under Maimonides.  They all know it is wrong but they claim they have to wait for Messiah to correct it.  He was here and they killed him in 30 CE and we have been keeping the Temple calendar ever since.  See the Rabbinical admission in the paper Why is Passover So Late in 1997 (No. 239).

The WCG offshoots have no excuse. Some such as David Pack who was on the board of Global still keep Hillel and claim that it must be correct otherwise Christ would have corrected it during his ministry.   He seemed to be relying on the fact that his members were too stupid to realise that Hillel was not issued until 328 years after the death of Christ.  He also was fundamental with others in stopping Rod Meredith from reinstating the New Moons into the Global Church following the Restoration of the New Moons by CCG from 1 Abib 1994. The conflict is listed in Pack’s Autobiography.

Armstrong really could not reinstate the New Moons as the Hillel Calendar does not follow them and they would have had to remove Hillel, if they really understood the conflict.  It is difficult to work out what is simply misinformed stupidity and what is disingenuous guile with them.

The WCG also has erroneous doctrines on Tithing which is corrected in the paper Tithing (No. 161) and they also have seven offerings a year when three are commanded and an offering on the day of Atonement is specifically forbidden.

The erroneous doctrine on the third tithe is also covered in the Pentecost Message at

Regarding the Baptism of John and the Baptism of the Church there was no confusion on the part of the apostles.  They required rebaptism of John’s disciples.

Our procedures involve selection by lot when more than one eligible candidate is present and the procedures are listed in the paper Constitution (A2).  As a rule we do not impose ministers on congregations.  The congregation is asked for its choices or objections and often new congregations have ministers appointed by the Board of Elders under the powers conferred on the Coordinator General. Our Statement of Beliefs (A1) is required reading before admission to CCG.  They are then ordained by credentialed officers of CCG.

The position of the Sardis system is marked by the appointment of the Living Church of God as the final church of Sardis which did occur in 1997 as foretold in Revelation 3:1.  These sequences are explained in the paper Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283). The split of UCG into COGawa is a split rather than a new system.

We look forward to hearing from you and one of our coordinators will assist you with any queries that you have.


It is important that we all understand these positions as they are becoming more important month by month and in 2016 the offshoots will be out by a month in each of the sequences as well as a matter of days. Thus they are not only holding the Lord’s Supper and the Passover on the wrong days but also in the wrong months as well as Pentecost and also Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles in the Eighth month. The punishment for that is to be cut off from your people. In other words they will be sent to the Second Resurrection.

Urge them to repent.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General