New Moon Message 1/1/38/120B

Dear Friends,

Today begins the preparation for the Sanctification of the Temple of God. We should have studied the Sanctification of the Nations (No. 077) previously and now we should be in the Sanctification of the Temple of God (No. 241).  The Fast for the Sanctification of the Simple and Erroneous (No. 291) is on 7 Abib and you must prepare for it. Getting yourself ready and being part of that process is also getting rid of the leaven in your own houses.  The spiritual takes precedence over the physical but both are important.

We should be preparing for the Passover in earnest and preparing ourselves to go before God in fear and trembling.  Our minds should be on the laws of God and our preparedness to go before God at the Lord’s Supper and the Passover and Unleavened Bread to prepare ourselves for the renewal of the Holy Spirit through to the Omer Count at Pentecost.

CCG has since its inception restored the Laws of God, The Nature of God and the Temple Calendar.  We are not interested in having people among us that are Ditheists or Binitarians or Trinitarians or Radical Unitarians.  We are not interested in debating about our doctrines.  They are clearly laid out in the papers and the papers A1 and A2 show our doctrines and Constitution. We are Biblical Unitarian Sabbath-keepers dedicated to the laws of God.

The church also requires its members to wear blue ribbons on the corners of their garments and the church has done so since its inception to remind us all of this duty and our goals and responsibility.  The details are contained in the paper Blue Ribbons (No. 273). This is part of the laws of God and cannot be spiritualised away. Even the WCG would not tell anyone not to wear them but some did urge people to keep them hidden.

We will not tolerate divisions and disagreement with the doctrines of CCG.  If you do not agree with CCG doctrines then you are under no obligation to attend.  If we find you teaching against CCG doctrines then you will be removed.  There are plenty of churches that tolerate a multitude of views about the nature of God.  For example if you wish to be a Ditheist, Binitarian, Trinitarian, or Radical Unitarian you can go to UCG but you will be forced to keep the apostate Hillel Calendar with the Holy Days on the wrong days and sometimes in the wrong months, so also does LCG but they will require that you be a Ditheist or Binitarian in a bit more rigid fashion.  The only thing they will really discourage is true Biblical Unitarianism.

All you are required to do is to follow the Commandments of God and the Testimony and Faith of Jesus Christ in order to be in CCG then in the First Resurrection.  Once there you will be resurrected to enforce the laws of God and the Faith alongside Jesus Christ.  If you think that Christ was unjust when he killed the army of Egypt in the Red Sea or in the plagues on the orders of God, or when he killed the Assyrians with Gideon or when he killed the 70,000 when David numbered Israel as I have heard these apostates say at the collapse of WCG, just stick around for the Vials of the Wrath of God. If you have not got the stomach for it then choose the Second Resurrection.  It will be easier for you.

We are one army serving the one True God under our High Priest Jesus Christ.  Don’t lose sight of that fact.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General