Tabernacles  15/7/37120-22/7/37/120

Dear Friends,

Last week the Day of Atonement fell from EENT Thursday to EENT Friday.  The Jews and the Church of God that were offshoots of the WCG system postponed Atonement so that it fell on the Sabbath so that they did not have to keep back to back Sabbaths and nor did their buddies the orthodox Jews.  This year their feasts are all out by a day and the Holy Days are incorrect and they don’t even keep the Last Great Day within the feast.

In 1991 I was asked by a group of WCG in Australia if God honoured these postponements in the Hillel Calendar.  I replied well let us ask Him if He honours these postponements.  Let us ask a Gideon’s prayer such that if He does honour the Hillel system of postponements then He shows us that He does by an example of three instances, as He did with Gideon.  If He does not honour them then show us He does not by an example in groups of three that He does not honour the postponements. In 1991 the Hillel Calendar had the Last Great Day on the day after the feast according the conjunctions and New Moons as it was held in the Temple system and the way the church had done it up until Armstrong and the WCG errors with Hillel.  Now, we were not officers of WCG and we had no power over what WCG did and we were totally reliant on what God was to do.  The feast was held in the ACT Convention Centre which was an ultra modern building with new equipment and first class facilities and there were some 2000 people in attendance. 1991 was also a Sabbath year of the Temple Calendar, which, as usual, WCG had ignored.

We prayed earnestly that God would honour our prayer and show us one way or the other which was acceptable to Him and if He honoured these postponements of the Hillel system.

On the supposed Last Great Day we all turned up and began services and the service started with announcements where the Minister of the service that day stated that he had a car accident on the way in, as had another officer and another family had a burglary, not just at their home but at the Feast site itself where they were staying and the burglars attempted to break in using heavy tools which wrecked the locks.  Now God gives many promises concerning the feasts and that is of safety in transit and also that no one will desire your property in attending the feasts.  This was the threefold instance of the Gideon’s prayer. However, just so there was no doubt, as we had asked God to make it clear to us in the Gideon’s prayer.
The services began and then the next example occurred. The hymns went off without incident but the sermonette was a problem and the entire air conditioning system began to collapse.  The services had to be stopped and then the doors opened and left open until the maintenance people got to them and restarted the air conditioning. The service was resumed and then it broke down again and was unable to continue for some time.  The doors had to be reopened and the people asked to get fresh air and it was again a considerable delay. 

Services were resumed again, and again the systems broke down and the doors had to be reopened and the engineers called and we had to wait in discussions for some time.  At the end of another considerable period the decision was made to cut the services short and it was wound up.  At the end of the third disruption I arose from my seat and walked down to where some people were seated who had raised the question and participated in the Gideon’s prayer.  I said “well now you have your answer.  God has made it plain on two different sequences of three answers that He does not honour these postponements.”  The family head said “yes it is amazing.”

Last Sabbath Message we asked that all of us deal with the issues of the Godhead and the Calendar in the offshoots.  Please pray that God gives example to these people on these two issues.  Now this feast, and next year in all feasts, the Hillel Calendar is out by at least one day and in the US by two days.  Please pray that God makes it plain to these people that the postponements kept by the offshoots are not acceptable to Him and His calendar and they are to stop.

Please concentrate on the issues that will be most successful in dealing with the offshoots of the Churches of God and particularly the WCG systems so that we are able to bring them to repentance and ask that God gives us the resources to consolidate them and bring the world to understanding.

Study the papers that will most prepare us to do that and help us to prepare for the coming kingdom of God.

Look also at the misuse of the Bible structure by the Antinomians and be prepared to give an answer to them for their errors.

Antinomian errors are covered in the papers.

Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C);
Antinomian Attacks on the Law of God (No. 164D);
Antinomian Denial of Baptism (No. 164E)

Now the feast is upon us and as Nehemiah said let us join together and eat the fat and drink the sweet.
May God give us safe travel and a happy and secure feast site wherever we are.

Pray for the safety of all.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General