Sabbath 29/9/37/120

Dear Friends,

On 16 December a group of Pakistani Taliban gunmen attacked an Army run school in Peshawar. They killed nine adults and 132 children as students. They voiced three reasons:

1. The Army had launched an offensive in North Waziristan and killed 1200 Taliban fighters. There were undoubtedly some non Taliban civilians in that effort.

2. The education of females is unacceptable to them and the Nobel peace prize won by the girl Malala Yousafzaiwas answered. The head mistress was killed and a female teacher was burnt alive in front of the students. Students were shot hiding under the desks.

3. The date 16 December marked the anniversary of the loss of Bangladesh to Pakistan in 1971.

Such brutality has only been seen during the Nazi era and under the Turkish genocides of the Ottoman era. The basic cause is that the philosophical and ethical basis of Islam has been tribalised and the Koran cut adrift from the Law of God and the Testimony of the prophets and the NT by the heresy of the Hadith.
The Waziris were paying back the Pashtuns for the Army attacks.  Never mind that it was the Pakistan Army trying to eliminate terrorism in the Pakistan territory of Waziristan. The Pakistan political structure is basically to blame in that it has condoned and encouraged Afghan Taliban sheltering in Pakistani Territory especially Waziristan. Imran Khan whilst posing as a liberal and trying to undermine the government has never uttered a word in criticism of the Taliban and that is causing concern in Pakistan.

There is an unwritten law among the Pashtun and that is tribal and intertribal fights occur but children are never ever harmed by anyone. The 132 kids were the children of the Pashtun officers, and soldiers of the Pakistan armed forces. It may be that Waziristan is turned into an uninhabited desert as a result of this barbarism, as it deserves to be.

The relative morality that has eventuated for an untied Koran cut loose by the Hadith is unable to provide sufficient moral guidance without the law and the testimony. The major philosophers, even though a number were atheist, were adamant that, without the Judeo-Christian basis of civil society, social morality collapses into Relativism and society is untenable. That was what became of Sharia law without the laws of God to back it correctly.  So also British common law cut itself from the Bible and began inflicting unbiblical punishments above 40 lashes.  Sharia uses mutilation and the lash in unregulated quantities whereas the Law of God limits it to a maximum of 40 lashes.  Beheading and stoning are commonplace.

Even though there are Fatwas in place against terrorism, Fundamentalist Islam ignores them and they are honoured more in the breach than in the observance.  Sunni Muslim scholars cannot and do not enforce these rulings and privately speak against them.

The court rulings over the entire Muslim world are a farce.  Not one Muslim that I saw on the media anywhere spoke against this atrocity in Pakistan except the journalists working and reporting in the West from Pakistan so far.

We need the intervention of Almighty God as soon as He wills it.  Pray for the Messiah’s return.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General