Sabbath 25/7/37/120

Dear Friends

We are now all back safely from the feast and we are about to look forward to the events before us now until Abib 2015 beginning the 38th year of the Jubilee and the Third year of the Sabbath cycle.  Remember that next year we are required to place all our second tithe into the Third year tithe for the welfare of the brethren of the church over the next Sabbath cycle until the next Third year.  You will thus have to save for the activities of that year from your current Second Tithe.

We should be also aware that from now on two great crises will affect the church and our nations.  The first crisis is that of the financial disorder structured by the US and EU banks.  The US Federal Reserve has printed money like a game of monopoly and the banks have not placed it in circulation and the people have borne the stress of the financial crisis and that is why we have seen no inflation due to the money supply.  The European Central Bank (ECB) has lost all credibility and a great depression is expected to commence from the end of 2014 over the next few months. The US main banks are going to allow the complete collapse and then take over by buying at rock bottom prices and establishing the NWO on a worldwide basis.  We will explain how that will be put into effect over the following Sabbaths.

The second aspect is the war situation in the Middle East and the conflicts deliberately engendered by the Turks under Erdogan and the IS situation in the attempts to remove the Kurds from Kobane in Northern Syria.  Also the incompetence of the Iraq administration has now seen IS advance to the western outskirts of Baghdad.  These aspects in the Middle East coupled with the conspiracy of the NWO banking system will see the world brought to its knees over the next year.

The message of the five angels will be explained in greater detail in the reissue of the Messages of Revelation 14 over the next few weeks.  The Twelve Prophets should also be finished over that period also and hopefully in print shortly thereafter.

We are also seeing the people of the WCG offshoots coming to a realisation of the serious flaws in their doctrines and their calendar and they are coming to a realisation of what is needed.  Some of the hobbyists in Europe and the US and AU do not understand that the entire WCG and offshoots have been sent to the Second Resurrection and are dead.  Unless they repent they will not be in the First Resurrection and nor will the other elements of the Sardis system.  Fortunately some are repenting.  Many are not doing so and they seem to think they have some option in whether they form with CCG or any church complying with the Commandments of God and work as a church or not. I am informed of many that seem to think they have a choice in the matter and of what they obey and accept.  They do not.  If they wish to be in the First Resurrection they are required to become part of the body of Christ and work with a ministry or they need to clear out of the way and let those that want to do the work do it.

The ministry will not  accept any that do not wish to comply with the doctrines and procedures of CCG and work for the faith having signed their undertakings to do so. They are not to enter our services.  We have had hundreds of them over the years that have failed to comply with the doctrines and they are a complete waste of effort. This is not a game.  You either work for the faith, and keep the Commandments of God and the Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14;12), or you go to the Second Resurrection with the others that have failed to comply with the Commandments of God and taught lies for hire (see the papers Heaven, Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A) and The Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B)

Wade Cox
Coordinator General